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Chapter Nine

Na-Nal Island
Nay Island


Na-Nal Island



Old Book Vol. 4*

(* = one of a kind)

Stars of Destiny:



Kooluk Soldiers
Elite Soldiers
Rock Crab
Wicked Hen


To start this chapter off, sail into Na-Nal Island (you cant teleport there, but you can to Nay Island).
Lino will be a mandatory party member during this round of negotiations.
Speak to the soldiers at the entrance to the village and you will be thrown into a fight with them.
This will be 2 straight attacks with no break between them.

Following this, the island chief's son, Axel will come and detain you.
During your audience with the island chief, you will learn that they have sided with the Kooluk.
Instead of arresting you, the chief has you to perform a task for him as your punishment.
This task doesn't set well with Lino, but it is the only way out of the situation.

You will be in a jailcell after the meeting.   Search it for a treasure chest (this is your only chance).
After you have the Old Book, go to sleep on the cot.

You will wake up in the middle of the night to begin your mission.

There is nothing hard about the mission.   Follow the gorge to the elven tree and grab the potion.
If you're confused about where this is, its the trail between the jail cell and the chief's house.
Also note that if you are using my maps, I didn't map this trail, its long and continious. 
You cant get lost.

When you have the potion, head back to the Island Chief.
He will be aggrevating but actually allow you to leave (escorted by Axel).

Along the way back an elf stops you and sends you back to the Elven Tree.
Here you are imprisoned once again.  
After the Elven Elder leaves talk to all the people in the cell with you.
After that, the elf, Selma, will return and set you free.
Rush back to the town.

You will quickly learn that the Kooluk had betrayed the Island and attacked the locals.
After fighting off three rounds of Elite Guards, Island Chief decides to help your cause.
At this point Axel joins your SoD.





Pirate King Vest

(* = one of a kind)

Stars of Destiny:


New Enemies:

Dead Blade
Fog Ship Guide (boss)


Here we have three Stars of Destiny to recruit.
I only gave this its own section because Ted takes some trouble to get.
Although truth be told, none of Suikoden IV's SoD's are hard to get.

The first SoD to talk to is Selma, the elf who released you.
Appearantly for helping you, she was banished.
Talk to her behind the Na-Nal Trading Post and she'll ask to join.

Now go to your ship and to the world map.
SAIL back into Na-Nal and go find Eugene outside the inn.
His mother pushes him on you just to get rid of him.
Allow him to join.

The next SoD is Ted!!!!  
You should do this now, because he is missible but he is one of the best characters!

To begin with, make sure that Hero, Lino En Kuldes and another good fighter are level 48 at least.
For the third person, dont bother with a healer, go for a good magician.
The Na-Nal beach is a great place to level them up.
You should also bring Yu with you, as a good support healer. 

Go into the War Room.  The ship will get hit by something unknown.
This turns out to be the fog ship. 

Lino En Kuldes and the hero will board along with another person (the magician you leveled up).
You will be guided by an unknown man to talk to the master of the ship.
Also note that you cant leave until its over.  If you do, you've lost your chance to recruit Ted.

The random battles onboard are not worth fighting.  You definately dont want to waste any magic.
Also most of them come back if all the enemies arent dead at the end of a round.
They dont drop any items worth having, either.  Its best to just run from them.

There will be two battles that you have to fight.
Take the prophets out first then spread out to kill the dead blades.
Save your magic for the boss.

Eventually (its a straight shot), you'll run into the boss:  the fog ship guide.

He will offer to give you eternal life on his ship in exchange for your Rune of Punishment.
Decline and he will attack you.   Ted (the man who guided you there) joins the fight as well.
Ted makes a great healer during this battle.

Fog Ship Guide

Magic Defense
Physical Defense
This fight can be tough.  The trick is to be prepared before initiating it.
Be right at level 50 or higher, if possible.   Lino and Ted will be set members of this fight.  For the last spot, I recommend a good magic user.
You're gonna want to use a lot of combo magic on this one.  
Thunder God and Flame Away are great.  Watch your HP:  The Fog Ship Guide has some nasty attacks.   He also has a lot of HP.
----- Cook

After the fight and a visit from Leknaat, Ted will reacquire his Rune.
Also the ship will begin to disappear. 
Before you go anywhere look in the big circle area to find a treasure chest.
Thats the Pirate King Vest!  Only chance to get it.

Now take off back to your boat.
You cant teleport back or use an escape talisman, so start running.
If you want to fight some of those creatures, now would be a better time.

When you get back to your ship, Ted will join, although he doesn't really want to.


Nay Island




(* = one of a kind)

Stars of Destiny:


New Enemies:



For the next set of negotiations (much easier), head to Nay Island.
Find his house north of the docks.

He doesn't require much resistance or help.
Show him the Golden Seal and listen to him.

Keep talking to him and he will tell you to come back later to meet someone.
Make your way to the world map and then return to his house.
Here you will get introduced to Kevin and Pam.  They will join you.

That is it for Nay Island.   Now you can recruit Millay, though.

Put Reinbach III in your party.
Go to Middleport and talk to the guys on the dock.  
One of them will tell you a rumor about Reinbach and a wife.
After this, teleport to Na-Nal island beach and you will find her.

Defeat the kidnappers that are after her and she'll join.

To advance the storyline, head into the War Room again.
This will set Razril as the next target.

After this event has occured, you are free to recruit Jeremy.

To do this, put Mitsuba in your party and head to Na-Nal Square.
Jeremy will be pacing where you found Mitsuba.
Mitsuba will talk him into joining.

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