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DESCRIPTION:    Lilen is another of the mermaids.  She is sweet and meek and always friendly.  She tried to avoid the Cray ships and eventually ends up on the Deserted Island.
HOW TO RECRUIT:   After you have recruited Taisuke, Go back to the back of the cave and find Lilen.
HEADQUARTERS:    Stays on the 5th deck with all the mermaids.
  Chiyu Star
FUNCTIONS:   Allows you to make accessories.
QUOTE:   "Lilin?!?!?  Lilin is all right?"


DESCRIPTION:    Yu is a doctor who comes off as a cheepskate.  He has high fees, but tries to tell you that medicine and equipment are high.  He works for free while he is on your ship (as per Lino's orders).
HOW TO RECRUIT:   When the Kooluk invade Obel, and you're recruiting townspeople to go to the ship, talk to Yu and he'll join.
HEADQUARTERS:    Yu stays in his office on the 4th floor.
 Chirei Star
FUNCTIONS:   Support Slot:  healing.    Heals you in his office for free.
QUOTE:   "Please wash hands and gargle on a daily basis."


DESCRIPTION:    Carrie is Yu's assistant.  She went out on an errand for him when you recruited him.  When she returned Yu was gone. 
HOW TO RECRUIT:   Have Yu in your party after you liberate Obel, and she'll join.
HEADQUARTERS:    Carrie runs the Ward on the 4th deck.
 Chijyu Star
FUNCTIONS:   Sells healing items.   Support Slot:  Healing
QUOTE:   "Hi.  Welcome."


DESCRIPTION:   Dario is a pirate captain that sails under Kika's flag.  His main concern is dealing with the mermaid trade that is happening.   He is almost like comic relief sometimes, but he makes a good member of the crew.
HOW TO RECRUIT:   He joins when Kika does.
WEAPON:   Wood Splitter-----Earth Splitter-----Iron Splitter
MAX ATT.  255
Chibi Star
HEADQUARTERS:   Dario is always in line for more food.  (3rd deck)
QUOTE:   "They were more fun to play with than I'd imagined."
AVAILABLE SETS:   Wing, Master, Pirate, Warrior, Ninja, Dragon, Pirate King, Goblin, Platinum, Diamond, Hero and Ogre
1.  Gau


DESCRIPTION:   Millay is a woman that Reinbach II had picked out for his son to marry.  She however isn't up for the plan.  When you find her, she is being kidnapped for the wedding.
HOW TO RECRUIT:   Talk to a man on the Middleport dock.  He will tell you a rumor about Reinbach III's arranged marrage.  Then sail to the Na-Nal beach and meet her.  Defeat the people trying to take her, and she'll join.  (Reinbach must be in your party)
WEAPON:   Brass Sword-----Iron Sword-----Platinum Sword
MAX ATT.  240
Chikyu Star
HEADQUARTERS:   Millay can be found outside your quarters on the 1st deck.
QUOTE:   "D-Dont come any closer!"
AVAILABLE SETS:    Wing, Ninja, Pirate King, Goblin, Mermaid, Bondage and Venus
1. Rita and Viki


DESCRIPTION:   Reinhold runs a scam on Na-Nal with Mitsuba.  Once they join, he tries to get everyone trained up and ready for anything by running the Training Hall.  Mitsuba stays out front of it sending people in to train.
HOW TO RECRUIT:   After fleeing Obel, talk to him in Na-Nal and he'll ask you to beat up a girl that he claims needs to be "punished."  This is a scam, but go along.  Go talk to Mitsuba in the town square and she'll challenge you to a duel.  Beat her and she'll join.  Lose and you have to pay her 1000 Potch.
WEAPON:   Baby Bamboo Spear-----Bamboo Spear-----Aged Bamboo Spear
MAX ATT.  250
Chibaku Star
HEADQUARTERS:   Reinhold runs the training room (5th deck)
QUOTE:   "She is actually a terribly violent girl."
AVAILABLE SETS:   Master, Pirate, Warrior, Ninja, Pirate King, Goblin and Ogre
1.   Bartholomew and Ornan


DESCRIPTION:   Warlock is the man behind the creation of rune cannons.  Disguested with the havoc his creation has caused, he has hidden in the back of a secret cave.  He joins you so that he can help end the war.
HOW TO RECRUIT:   Talk to Pablo in the rune cannon control room after you've liberated Razril and he'll mention Warlock.  Go to the empty house in Middleport and answer the question (24 Potch).  This will put you in an underground path.  Follow it until you run into a land dragon.  Defeat it and find Warlock directly behind it.
WEAPON:   Driftwood Cane-----Aged Wood Cane-----Sacred Wood Cane
MAX ATT.  200
Chizen Star
HEADQUARTERS:   He stays in the rune cannon control room (5th deck)
QUOTE:   "What do you want?"
AVAILABLE SETS:   Magic, Silk and Guardian
1.  Pablo


DESCRIPTION:   Akaghi and Mizuki are ninjas working for Mr. Ramada.  Mr. Ramada is working for the Cray Trading Co.  They will use you to guide them past the pirate brandeau early in the game.  Later they will try to assinate you.  Eventually they will become a great addition to your army.
HOW TO RECRUIT:   At some point, Mizuki, Akaghi and Ramada will try to kill you.  After they are defeated they will learn how the Kooluk used them and Lino En Kuldes if they can work with you.  He will accept.
WEAPON:   Chakram-----Flaming Chakram-----Rippling Chakram
MAX ATT.  250
Chikou Star
HEADQUARTERS:   On the deck with Ramada and Mizuki
QUOTE:   "What I mean is... well... just how I feel, ya know?"
AVAILABLE SETS:   Master, Ninja, Pirate King, Goblin and Ogre
1.  Mizuki
2.  Mizuki and Kate


DESCRIPTION:   Mizuki and Akaghi are ninjas working for Mr. Ramada.  Mr. Ramada is working for the Cray Trading Co.  They will use you to guide them past the pirate brandeau early in the game.  Later they will try to assinate you.  Eventually they will become a great addition to your army.
HOW TO RECRUIT:   At some point, Mizuki, Akaghi and Ramada will try to kill you.  After they are defeated they will learn how the Kooluk used them and Lino En Kuldes if they can work with you.  He will accept.
WEAPON:   Damnacanthus-----Citrus Tachibana-----Ardisia Crispa
MAX ATT.  250
Chikyou Star
HEADQUARTERS:   On the deck with Ramada and Akaghi.
QUOTE:   "It may be shameful, Akaghi, but admit it. We've lost."
AVAILABLE SETS:   Ninja, Pirate King, Goblin, Mermaid, Bondage and Venus
1.  Akaghi
2.  Akaghi and Kate


DESCRIPTION:   Ornan is quiet and reserved.  Underneath that calm is a berserkers rage.  He is looking for a certain woman throughout the game, but seems to take a liking to Louise. 
HOW TO RECRUIT:   When you are told to recruit an army by Lino En Kuldes (via Desmond) go talk to him by the well in Obel.
WEAPON:   Sheeps Horn-----Pure Heroism-----Divine Treasure
MAX ATT.  245
Chihi Star
HEADQUARTERS:   Ornan is in the saloon looking at Louise (or sleeping)
QUOTE:   "We have gathered so many individuals...This is truly a good thing."
AVAILABLE SETS:   Master, Ninja, Pirate King, Goblin and Ogre
1.  Bartholomew and Reinhold


DESCRIPTION:    Manu is an inventor and his latest invention is something called an "elevator."  When you first meet him, he is trying out his elevator on the cliff near your cave headquarters.  When the kooluk invade, he uses his elevator to escape to the docks and heads for Na-Nal.
HOW TO RECRUIT:   Find him at the Na-Nal inn after your Headquarters is mobile.
HEADQUARTERS:    He stands by his elevator on the 2nd floor.
 Chisou Star
FUNCTIONS:   Builds an elevator on your ship headquarters.
QUOTE:   "Finally i'll get to transport someone other than myself."


DESCRIPTION:    Rene has became proficient in using dow rods to find hidden treasure.  She is looking for a partner, as she has no way to transport all her treasures.  Thats where you come in.
HOW TO RECRUIT:   Find the message bottle on the Na-Nal beach after your HQ becomes mobile.  Then head to Donut Island (east of Obel island).  If you've gotten the message bottle, she is there and she'll join.
HEADQUARTERS:    Rene hangs out in the library on the 4th deck.
 Chikou Star
FUNCTIONS:   Runs the treasure hunt Mini-Game
QUOTE:   "This is...a new Treasure Map, isnt it?"


DESCRIPTION:   Ameria is a professional mercanary and bodyguard.  She was hired to protect the Razril citizens during the Kooluk occupation.  Her priorities always seem to be her weapon and her make-up.
HOW TO RECRUIT:   The day after you reclaim Razril, find her on the top of the spire (where Glen died) and talk her into joining.
WEAPON:   Feather Sword-----Wing Sword-----Fallen Angle Sword
MAX ATT.  240
Chimei Star
HEADQUARTERS:   Ameria is always at the blacksmith on the 3rd deck
QUOTE:   "...i'm already in it up to my neck."
AVAILABLE SETS:   Wing, Pirate, Warrior, Ninja, Dragon, Pirate King, Mermaid, Platinum, Diamond, Bondage, Hero, Venus and Ogre
1.  Jeane and Kika


DESCRIPTION:    Nico is sharp-eyed and good at being a lookout.  He's actually so good that he's acquired a groupie named Wendel.
HOW TO RECRUIT:   Nico joins automatically when the HQ becomes mobile
HEADQUARTERS:    Top of the deck
 Chisin Star
FUNCTIONS:   Lookout for the ship headquarters
QUOTE:   "Emergency!! M-Man overboard!!"


DESCRIPTION:   Wendel is a spunky teenager who wants nothing more that to be what Nico is.  She's pretty callous towards anybody but him. 
HOW TO RECRUIT:   When you liberate Obel, talk to Wendel on the docks, and she'll join.
WEAPON:   Take this!-----Run for your life!-----You scumbag!
MAX ATT.  250
Chitai Star
HEADQUARTERS:   Wendel is always at Nico's side, learning.
QUOTE:   "What? I was just learning some tips on standing guard from Nico!"
AVAILABLE SETS:    Ninja, Pirate King, Unicorn, Goblin and Mermaid
1.  -----


DESCRIPTION:    Tov is the man who built the Headquarters and disguised it as a building inside a cave.  He concerns himself primarily with its upkeep.
HOW TO RECRUIT:   Comes with the Headquarters
HEADQUARTERS:    In the shipwrights room on the 5th deck.
 Chiman Star
FUNCTIONS:   Allows you to change properties of your ships
QUOTE:   "My name is Tov and i'm the one who designed this place.  I look forward to working with you."


DESCRIPTION:    Phil is a tailor.  If you have enough people on your ship, he will work for you.
HOW TO RECRUIT:   Talk to him in the Pirates Nest after you have 40 Stars of Destiny
HEADQUARTERS:    Phil stays in the Shipwrights room with Tov.  (5th deck)
 Chisui Star
FUNCTIONS:   Makes cloth equipment if you bring him the materials.
QUOTE:   "As a matter of fact.. Isn't that your ship...?"


DESCRIPTION:   Eugene is a young reluctant hero, forced upon you by his mother.  He is a good fighter, but never seems to develop any confidence in himself. 
HOW TO RECRUIT:   Talk to him outside the Na-Nal inn after the Na-Nal event and let him join you.
WEAPON:   Heirloom Spear-----Great Spear-----Supreme Spear
MAX ATT.  250
Chisyu Star
HEADQUARTERS:   Eugene stays on the bridge
QUOTE:   "Weren't you the one who..., was talking about leaving me with island chief?"
AVAILABLE SETS:   Master, Ninja, Goblin and Ogre
1.  Lino En Kuldes and Rachel


DESCRIPTION:   Mitsuba is an excellent swordsman who (along with Reinhold) scam people in Na-Nal.  Reinhold mainly goes along because he thinks Mitsuba knows something she doesn't.  She likes having him around, so she doesn't let him know that she doesn't know.
HOW TO RECRUIT:   After you've been asked to form your army, head to Na-Nal island and talk to Reinhold.  He will ask you to beat up Mitsuba.  Do so and they will both join.
WEAPON:   Stone Breaker-----Iron Breaker-----Platinum Breaker
MAX ATT.  255
Chiin Star
HEADQUARTERS:   Mitsuba hangs out outside the Training Hall on the 5th deck.
QUOTE:   "You cant lure strong people like them!"
AVAILABLE SETS:   Pirate, Warrior, Ninja, Pirate King, Mermaid, Bondage and Venus
1.  Selma


DESCRIPTION:    Lilan is the youngest and shyest of the mermaids that you meet.  She ran from the mermaid traders and ends up in your net somewhere near Nay island.  She is happy to see her sister Lilin again.
HOW TO RECRUIT:   Cast Shriamines net in Nay harbor, and sail around a bit.  Pull up the net and Lilan should be in it.
HEADQUARTERS:    Stays in the accessory attelier on the 5th deck.
 Chii Star
FUNCTIONS:   Allows you to make accessories.
QUOTE:   "...I can relax now, because i've found you, big sister Lilin!"


DESCRIPTION:    A survivor of Illuya, Nataly loved to sit at her window and look out at Illuya.  Now with her home (and window) destroyed, she works with you.
HOW TO RECRUIT:   Talk to her in Illuya after its been destroyed and she'll join.
HEADQUARTERS:    Nataly stays at the top of the stairs in the Saloon.
 Chiri Star
FUNCTIONS:   She will change your windows for you.  (menu appearance)
QUOTE:   "Oh...A window set!"


DESCRIPTION:    Nao is a mint-growing horticulturist who stays in the forbidden room with his twin brother, Mao.  The two are always in competition with each other, and eventually it turns into war.
HOW TO RECRUIT:   Once your Headquarters becomes mobile, sleep in your bed and leave your room.  Tov will tell you about a strange room on the 5th deck.  Go there to meet Mao.  Repeat this process to meet Nao.
HEADQUARTERS:    5th deck:  horticulture room
 Chisyun Star
FUNCTIONS:   Grows Mints and is part of the Mushroom vs. Mint mini-game
QUOTE:   "You remember me, dont you?"


DESCRIPTION:    Etienne is a musician that works for Reinbach III.  He thinks the music is lost if its not appreciated.  He will play music for if you ask him to.
HOW TO RECRUIT:   Talk to him near Reinbach's house with Reinbach III in your party.
HEADQUARTERS:    Upstairs in the Saloon
 Chiraku Star
FUNCTIONS:    Reproduces the music of Suikoden IV
QUOTE:   "Would you like to hear a song?"


DESCRIPTION:   A young magician with the ability to Teleport.  She is largely mysterious as far as where she comes from.  She has appeared in all five Suikoden games (dont know about Suikoden Tactics).  She allows you to teleport to places you've been before and saves you much sailing time.
HOW TO RECRUIT:   Meet her at the bridge on Nay Island and see her disappear.  When you go to leave she will be standing at the bridge again and ask you to protect her.  Say yes.
WEAPON:   Wand-----Wow Wand-----Wow Wow Wand
MAX ATT.  200
Chitatsu Star
HEADQUARTERS:   2nd deck
QUOTE:   "Oops...Did I just blink into a new place?"
AVAILABLE SETS:   Magic, Silk, Unicorn, Mermaid and Guardian
1. Millay and Rita


DESCRIPTION:   Kate was Mizuki's mentor.  She was hired by Kooluk to scout Illuya.  While she was there, they destroyed it.  She sees this as a breach in contract and decides to join you after that.
HOW TO RECRUIT:   When you go to the destroyed Illuya, take Mizuki with you and she'll persuade Kate to join.
WEAPON:   Black Flower-----Red Flower-----Death Flower
MAX ATT.  245
Chisoku Star
HEADQUARTERS:   Stays on the 5th deck in the hallway.
QUOTE:   "Whats this?  You guys were working for Cray Trading Company?"
AVAILABLE SETS:    Ninja, Pirate King, Mermaid, Goblin, Bondage and Venus
1.  Akaghi and Mizuki


DESCRIPTION:   Charlemagne is a resident of Middleport.  He is both generous and chivalrous and with that manages to befriend Reinbach III quite easily.  
HOW TO RECRUIT:   When you go to recruit Helga, Charlemagne will present himself.  Talk to him, then return to the world map.  Go back to talk to him again.  Once again go to the world map.  Talk to him a third time and he'll be ready to join.
WEAPON:   Etoile-----Lune-----Soleil
MAX ATT.  240
Chichin Star
HEADQUARTERS:    He stays by Reinbach III's side in the Saloon.
QUOTE:   " wish to form an alliance with this woman, correct?"
AVAILABLE SETS:   Silk, Noble, Platinum, Diamond, Hero and Venus
1.  Reinbach III


DESCRIPTION:   Rita is the master of the game Rita-pon.  She plays it anytime she's not fighting with you.  She is very cheerful, rowdy and competitive.  She's not all about games, though, This girl can do some damage with her big hammer.   You can play Rita-pon with her in the saloon. 
HOW TO RECRUIT:   Find her in the Na-Nal inn and beat her at her own game.  Then ask her about your ship.
WEAPON:   Lovely Hammer-----Ribbon Hammer-----Mega Hammer
MAX ATT.  255
Chikei Star
HEADQUARTERS:   She stays in the Saloon looking for people to play Rita-pon with
QUOTE:   "I'm not gonna lose!"
AVAILABLE SETS:   Ninja, Pirate King, Goblin, Mermaid and Unicorn
1.  Millay and Viki

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