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Alma's Trials

Ys VI: Ark of Napishtim


•Finally, an update
03.08.2006     Update by Mr. Saturn

The walkthrough's been updated through Grana-vallis mountain. Enjoy.

•Finally, an update
02.27.2006     Update by Mr. Saturn

Added a new section to the walkthough. I've re-attached all of the hardware I need to resume work on the shrine, hopefully that's enough to motivate me.

•Another little update
05.12.2005     Update by Mr. Saturn

Added the walkthrough for Canaan Island.

•Little update
05.10.2005     Update by Mr. Saturn

Added the one item that was missing from the Items page. Working on the next two sections of the walkthrough now (Mythos Path and Port Rimorge/Canaan Island). Hoping to finish them tonight. Also hoping to start on the "Basics" page tonight. Also, thanks to Charlemagne for helping me out with a new logo. No offense to Pierson's logo, but this one is bigger. UPDATE: Added Mythos Path section of walkthrough.

•Walkthrough started
04.07.2005     Update by Mr. Saturn

Started the Walkthrough. It's complete through the end of Quatera Island. Hopefully I can upload this before the end of the day (April 7th), but my internet connection's acting up... -_-

•Little update
04.02.2005     Update by Mr. Saturn

Added the "Cheat" page, that details many of the codes that can be entered before starting a new game. I put the ones that I felt were actually useful (rather than the 'view this cinematic with this language voice' codes), but if you feel I missed any, feel free to e-mail me. Technically, this update was done on the 1st, but, as Hiryuu pointed out to me, any updates done on April 1st aren't always taken seriously. :D

•Preliminary Work
03.31.2005     Update by Mr. Saturn

Wow, I can't believe that I'm actually working on a shrine again. Some preliminary outlines have been made. Weapons, armor, accessories, items, and tools pages are all completed, and the outline for the walkthrough has been put in place. I'm collecting images for the characters section. Also, while I'm thinking about it, thanks to Pierson for making me a logo image, when I couldn't.

Note: The information in this 'shrine' is specific to the Playstation 2 version of the game. The information may apply to the original PC release or to the upcoming PSP or Mobile versions of the game, but accuracy when applied to those versions is not stated or implied.


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I dunno... 30%? 40%? Somewhere around there.


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