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Getting Thunder Magic

Once you have the Battle Axe you'll be able to cut some trees. And once you can cut trees you'll able to get very first magic in the game, the Thunder Magic.
You'll also need a Golden Apple. To get one go to the ruined village (at [8,12]) and enter the second house. Then, walk straight into the fireplace.
Open the chest and take the Golden Apple inside.
Now go to the area at [7,14] and cut the trees as seen in the picture. Once cut a passage on the left side will open. All that remains is to cleave your way to the stairs in the trees. Whether you kill the enemies is up to you.
Talk to Gilius and he'll tell about how he escaped from evil Death Adder and some more blah-blah, but that's not important at all.
He'll finally ask you to bring him a Golden Apple. Talk to him a second time. In exchange for the apple, he'll give you the Thunder Magic scroll.
Push button 1 and you'll now see the scroll in your inventory. Select it and go test your new magic on some monsters.
With this magic, you'll be able to fight enemies from a distance, a helpful feature against some bosses and stronger enemies. Once you clear the 5th labyrinth, the Thunder Magic can be upgraded to level 2 if you talk to Gilius.
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