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Buying Knight's Shield

Getting the Knight's Shield can be done at any time and is fully optional. While it's not crucial to buy it at the beginning of the game, the sooner you do the better.
The Knight's Shield costs 250 horns (that's a lot!) and can be bought in a shop at the beach if you go south.
There are two ways to quickly build that sum of money. One, as you might've guessed, involves entering and leaving a labyrinth, preferably the second one in the forest because there are 2 blue globi right outside.
Second method is betting on your luck and earning your horns in a game house. There is one at [8,10] under the trees. With this shield, you'll block some projectiles you couldn't and it'll improve your defense a little. If so you choose, you can buy it later, just don't completely forget about it.
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