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Forest Labyrinth

To get to the second Labyrinth you must pass through Firewood's forest. Now because there are many monsters on the way and most of them shoot and are hard to kill you might want to take the shortest way around.
It's recommended that you save your game. Cut the trees and a save point will appear. When you're ready, go right and enter the labyrinth.
When you're inside, go up, then left. Kill all monsters and take the key, then go up again. Enter the door to your right and kill all monsters, you'll get another key.
By now you should have two keys. Go back to the previous room. Push the right torch on the wall so a bridge will appear. Cross the water and open the locked door in the next room.
Here you gotta go Indiana Jones style and dodge spears as you cross the room. Sometimes, dodging them can be too hard or impossible. In this case, you can use your shield to block them. To do so, simply stand still and face against the spears. This works for most projectiles.
Push the left torch and the shut door will open. Then -surprise, surprise- you have to fight more enemies! Once again, kill them and you'll get another key. Take the key and go up.
Watch your back as you enter this room, statues will sometimes shoot at you and unless you have the Knight's Shield equipped you won't be able to block the shots. They hurt real bad too...
Open the top door and enter the room. You'll find a chest. Get the Torch inside it, it's a very useful item! Go back and open the remaining locked door.
You can skip killing monsters in the first room, they're a pain anyways. Arriving at the second room, kill all bizarians so you can get the last key.
The last room at last! There are 2 bats and 4 eyes to bug you in this one, but you don't need to fight them if you don't want to. Unlock the final door and get ready for the big bad boss.
Again this one is easy if you know how to beat it. Stand at about the same place as shown in the picture and his shots won't hit you. From there you can get close and attack him when he stops shooting, or even better, use your Thunder scroll from distance.
Once the boss is defeated collect the yellow crystal and leave the labyrinth. 8 more to go!
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