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Desert Labyrinth

Go back to the first town, Miliver, and head north to the desert.
You'll arrive at Kari-Kari town. Here you should save your game and buy some items if needed.
Go left until you find the third Labyrinth in the desert. On the way, keep an eye for red scorpions, they're viciously fast and hard to kill.
(Skip this if you already have a key) Go right and use your Torch to light the room. Go up and watch out for spears! Push the left torch to open the shut door and enter the room. Kill all enemies and get the key. Go back to the entrance once you're done.
Enter the left door and again use your Torch. You don't need to kill any monsters here, it's faster to open the locked door and go up.
Move onto the warp (flashing tile) and you'll be teleported to anoter room. Watch out for ghosts because they'll drain your magic if they touch you! Kill all enemies to open the shut door, but don't enter them yet. Go down after.
Kill all bizarians in the room and take the key. In the next room, kill all enemies to open the top door. Before entering it, unlock the right door.
There are some skeletons but you can easily avoid/kill them, whichever fancies you most. Open the chest and get the Magic Rope. Then go back.
Enter the top door and push the left torch. The shut door on the other side of the room will open, then return to the first room, the one with the warper.
You'll need another key to open the last door that leads to the boss. If you already have one enter the door to your right. If you don't have a key go up and kill all monsters. You'll get a key once you kill them.
The fourth boss looks like the first, but it's not! This one sometimes shells himself into some sort of ward and keeps bouncing around the room. Attack him once his frenzy is over.
Take the green crystal and you're done. Now that you have the Magic Rope you'll be able to get two other items which will come in handy in the next labyrinths. 7 more to go!
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