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Getting Earth Magic

Now that you have the Magic Rope go to the mountains at [3,11] and find a flat edge on the mountain. You can throw your rope and climb whenever you find one.
Climb up the mountain and you'll find a tree surrounded by graves. The graves are most likely a sign of warning to stay away from there. If you cut the tree you'll find a senile crackpot that steals all your hardly earned money, so instead go to the right.
Kill the monsters so they don't bother you.
Cut the rightmost tree and a secret stairs will appear at the center.
Climb down the stairs to find Battler and talk to him. He'll tell you that he's also after Death Adder for killing his sister. He'll then offer you the Earth Magic for 50 horns, say 'yes' and voila!
With the Earth Magic you'll be able to break boulders of rocks and freeze enemies for a short period. This doesn't work on bosses though.
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