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Dragon Shield & Fire Magic

Time to get the final shield! After the 6th labyrinth, go to Sid, an abandoned village at [13,4] and enter the last house to the left.
You'll find an old man, which we don't care about, we just want the chest, which is our point of interest!
Open the chest and get the Dragon Shield. Note that you cannot get the shield unless you have beaten first the 6th labyrinth.
Time to get the Fire Magic! Follow the way north to get the volcano and watch out for the enemies. When you reach a two passage way, take the one down, don't go up yet.
Use the Ice Bell to freeze lava and kill monsters, then follow the route up.
At the end, cut the trees and break the rock as shown, a stairs will appear.
Climb down and talk to Tyris, she'll teach you the Fire Magic, and what's best, for free!
With the Fire Magic you'll be able to damage all enemies on screen. It can come handy when dealing with lots of monsters but definitely don't use this on bosses.
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