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Flame Sword & Dragon Mail

Getting the Flame Sword and Dragon Mail is quite simple and easy, just takes some walking around the world map, but as you can tell, patience is a virtue in this game. First, go to the island at [11,6] and cut the tree as shown.
Climb down the stairs and get the Flame Sword. It'll improve your attack power and make killing most monsters a tad lot easier.
To get the Dragon Mail you need to go back to Firewood. By land it would take too long, so just go by sea. You can find a dock at [10,15]
Follow your way to Riksas, the forest village that sells cheap golden apples. When you get to [2,14], cut the tree and go left.
Take the left bridge path and you'll find a dock.
First go up and climb down the stairs on the island. You'll find an old man who can make you carry more magic pots.
Leave the island and go right this time. You'll see another dock on the bottom right part of the screen. Dock there and cut the trees to make your way up.
Finally cut the last tree on the last island and climb down the stairs.
Open the chest, and get the Dragon Mail and you're done. Now both your defense and magic are maxed. You're ready for the next labyrinth.
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