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Getting Water Magic

Once you leave the 7th labyrinth, you'll have the Ship, a useful tool that let's you cross deep waters such as oceans given you can first find a dock. You'll now be able to get the Water Magic, Flame Sword and the strongest of all armors, the Dragon Mail.
We'll first start with the Water Magic. Go to the beach at [12,10]. From there, just go left and dock on the small island with two trees.
Because there are trees, common sense would tell you to use the Battle Axe, however, what you really is the Ice Bell.
After you use it, a stairs will appear, just climb it down and talk to Linda.
She'll tell you she served the king of Firewood and longed for the day you'd both meet. Then, you'll get the Water Magic scroll (which is white by the way).
When used, the Water Magic will restore two of your life points at the cost of 3 magic pots. While it may seem costly, this magic is very useful and can save you in dire moments.
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