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This used to be only a partial walkthrough for the longest time. You don't know how hard this game is and how frustrating it was to beat, though i did just that! I've been at it since this game was released years ago and yes, info about this game is just that none-existent... until now that is. This game is a pretty interesting sci-fi RPG that's very reminiscent of Phantasy Star for the Sega Master System. Recommended for those who like a challenge and/or abuse heh. Throughout the walkthrough i tend to write down blurbs the people say. Important stuff is not repeated so it's easy to forget what some important character said. On top of that, people are pretty damn vague about clues and what your supposed to do next. The walkthrough is pretty straight forward, so feel free to wander off the beaten trail.

Control are easy, "A" button will bring up the menu and "B" does the cancelling. From there, you can select "Talk" to converse with people, "Item" to check our your gear to use and equip stuff, "ESP" to view known ESP or to cast one, "Search" to examine the area you're standing on, and "Data" to examine your characters stats. Hitting "Start" while in the menu will select Message Speed and "B" will get you back to the menu.
Your characters will have a number of stats to keep track of:Status Screen
LP and MLP are your current and max hit points, or Life Points.
EP and MEP are your current and max ESP Points. Anyone can learn and cast ESP, except Gap.
Cr is your Credits, which is your money.
H, B, L and A are what I assume to be Head, Body, Legs and Arms. They start at 100 but can be damaged and drop. I haven't much luck on figuring out what causes them to drop. Maybe just taking hits from the enemies damage more than just your LP. To be honest I've never gotten one of them to 0 (or even to 50 for that matter) so i have no idea what happens. Using a Restore will bring all the parts back up to 100. Getting an Exam in the Hospital will do the same thing as well. I'm just guessing that Regen will restore the part if it does hit 0. Needless to say I'll have to update in the future when i figure it out, or someone else does.
Attack is just that, plus whatever your equipped weapon adds to it. This determines that amount of hurties you can dish out.
Defense is how much damage you can avoid, plus whatever your armour adds.
Agil of course is Agility and determines when you attack in combat. Sometimes just being able to attack first can make a fight go more smoothly.
Int is Intelligence and works with your ESP casting. I think i may also help lessen the damage from ESP attacks but I'm not sure. Gap have no Intelligence... being a robot and all.
You have your equipped equipment at the very bottom. Everyone has two Defense gear they can wear and one weapon, though Gap has Pak instead of Defense. Guns and the weapons Gap uses require Power, and you'll need to use a Battery to charge them up. So make sure to have a few Batteries around.

You'll need to beat up lots of things to level and collect cash. Levels are done a bit differently in STED. For one, you don't see your experience, so you are left clueless to when you are due for a level up (though Actes seems to level faster than everyone else). Secondly, you start at level White 0. Whether or not these colours have any barring on the game, i have no clue. Once you hit White 7 the next colour is Red. So you'll progress from 0-7 and switch over to a new colour level.

White -> Red -> Blue -> Green -> Yellow -> Pink -> Silver ->?

Every level gives you 4 pts to up your Stamina or Mental and 3 pts for your Attack, Defense, Wisdom (why it's called Wisdom here and not Intelligence, i have no idea. Bad part on the translation? *shrug*) or Agility. So you are free to customize your people as you see fit. You want more LP? Then start sinking points into Stamina. Want to be faster? Then drop points into Agility and so on and so forth. Pretty straight forward on leveling up. But wait, there's more! One nice thing about leveling up to a new colour is twice the amount of points to distribute! So when you first go from White 7 to Red 0, you have a whopping 8 pts for Stamina or Mental, and 6 pts for the rest of your skills.

Gap is a special case, being a robot, she doesn't benefit from experience. So to boost her LP you need to buy Chips, and to boost her other stats, purchase and equip DPacks for Defense, or APacks for Attack. Again, being a robot, she's going to require different items to heal. MentalB and C's will restore her LP and as well as trips to the Repair Shop. Repair items will revive her if she dies in combat. Three special paks for Gap are the BatlPak, ScanPak and LeadPak. Unfortunately you have to waste one slot for the BatlPak or Gap won't be able to fight in combat. ScanPak will notify you if you are standing on a searchable spot on the overworld map, towns and in dungeons. You'll find hidden items in towns and in very random places on the overworld map. LeadPak will let you interface with the computers you'll find at the tops of the towers.

Enemies are hard, and it takes a lot of hit and runs to start building up your characters. To top that off, as you grow in levels, enemies that are weaker will start giving less money and exp. They will sometimes drop chests which contain items or possibly traps. Upgrading as soon as possible is very much recommended, since it's free points to add to attack and defense. Sometimes being able to attack first can save you lots of trouble, so don't forget to put points into agility. Just like in the Final Fantasy games, monsters have their strengths and weaknesses to ESP (and sometimes weapons). So experiment with spells

Here are some of the local establishment you'll discover while explore the world of STED.
HotelHotels can restore 10 LP/EP a night and do charge per character. You can also save your game progress in two slots. The extra incentive to save your progress is that when you cast Teleport, you will return to the last place you saved.
HospitalHospitals have these 3 services; Exam will restores damage to the body, Clone will revive the dead, and Regen with likely restores a 'dead' body appendage.
Repair ShopRepair Shops are for restoring Gap's LP.
Weapon ShopWeapon Shops are for purchasing and selling implements for killing. You can also buy armour as well.
Tool ShopTool Shops are for purchasing numerous things from curatives to Paks and Chips for Gap.
ESP ShopESP Shops are for the purchase and selling (yes, you can sell them) ESP.

You'll discover the names of the continent you start on and the next one to the east. You however, don't find the name of the continent to the north. So i just call it North, or Northern Continent for simplicity.

There are quite a few ESP I have no clue what they do. Some ESP just seem to be rehashes of others with no apparent benefits. You will find out what is most effective on a particular mob because when it's effective, it's -effective-. Otherwise you'll just do a few points of damage and nothing more.

You should now be better armed to take on STED!

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