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The walkthrough is broken down into four parts.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

P A R T  O N E

-= Vedia Continent -=
    You begin just outside of the Vedia Capital of Teigue. Well go on and enter, staying outside is asking for death. Also, i probably really suck with giving mainland directions... so hopefully some parts you don't get completely lost. This walkthrough wouldn't be complete if i didn't at least attempt to guide you around. Of course you are encouraged to explore, just make sure you save :D

-= Teigue -=
    Head north into the large capital building. Talk with the man inside;

    "This is the world of STED. Lately, things haven't been the same.. Hm? A crash landing AND a distress signal? Something
strange is going on... Don't worry about the monsters nearby. We've dispatched the Space Army. Sorry, that's all i know"

    You'll also find a house in the east part of town with a woman inside;

    "I'm Corona. So, you survived the emergency landing? I sent the distress signal to you. Can you tell me what REALLY happened on the ship's main deck? The Space Army is covering it up. I heard a group of monsters attacked... They said the ship's crew was missing..."

    Yup, you really do want her to join. She also brings along her robot Gap. Unfortunately, Gap is pretty useless until you can get her a BatlPak (which allows her to attack).

    :: Other townsfolk info gleamed (the useful and the not so) ::
    -Capital is under Shiseikan's control
    -A monster took Teigue's Crystal
    -Find Hyu past the east continent
    Now onto the meat of RPGs... buying equipment upgrades
    Once you are ready, leave Teigue
    Now we come to the second helping of meat in RPGs... killin' everything that comes across your path! Gain some cash, go shopping then once you are finished, head to the east to find Hyu. Continue east across a small land bridge (on it hides a MentalC), then move northeast between some mountains and you should come across...

-= Hyu -=
    Get a BatlPak for Gap, sold in the Tool Shop, as this will make her combat ready! She uses the weapons with a 'circle' looking symbol next to them.

    A guy in a southeastern house will recognize Corona;

    "Yo, Corona! How's it going? Everyone wishes you luck on your journey. Your brother says he'll miss you... good luck!"

    You'll find what appears to be a drunk man in another house. Is this Mr. Otou, the Engineer?

    :: Other townsfolk info gleamed ::
    -Mong Village is on Lutharer Island
    -Orvis Village is to the north...
    -Mr. Otou, the engineer, is always repairing the bridge. Those damned monsters keep wreaking it!
    -The Northwest continent is drawing nearer

    Not too much else here to do besides spend some time upgrading equipment. Grab a LeadPak when you can, it comes in handy latter on. Though do grab a LitLamp or two, you may need them soon. Compasses only show the way in 'dungeons', so up
to you if you want one. Both LitLamps and Compasses are one use items, and once you leave a 'dungeon', the are used up. And if you don't have quite a few already, some Vitalin, some Batteries and a few MentalB won't hurt either. You will have some traveling to do and might need the extra stuff, plus help avoid a lot of backtracking for supplies. Just a heads up.

    Head on north to Orvis Village. Once across the bridges, you'll want to move a little to the east before hitting the northern coast. But you'll see a bridge head up to the north... that is the way to...

-= Orvis -=
    Again, not much here expect some info... and some weapon/armour upgrades. (Actually i rephrase that, there is some very important info here!!)

    Make sure to chat it up with the two fellows in the Hospital. One of them things this Litromin will be helpful. Best keep an eye out for the stuff.

    Some lady in a house in the north part of town will mention;

    "Have you heard of Reedpark? (No) Reedpark was a forgotten relic from ancient times. He was a robot that could decode various sacred texts."

    :: Other townsfolk info gleamed ::
    -Need passcard on the other continent
    -Lutharer Island is south
    -Shisekian is the reason the monsters keep coming

    Kill and mame and gather up money until you've upgraded to your hearts content. Once finished, head back south to the mainland, then proceed east along the coast. Keep following the coast, soon you'll be sandwiched between the water and some mountains as the coast starts turning southward. You should see a small building, which you can't enter just yet, so keep heading south. Eventually you should come across another building out on a little peninsula, and this one you can (and should) enter.
    Enemies might be a little bit tough in this passage. But strike up your LitLamp and spin your compass and proceed through this place. It's only one level, and when you do find the exit, you come out on a smallish island. Head down and east to find...

-= Mong -=
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=To Mong
    Some things are actually happening here, though most important is a new ESP Center!! Make damn sure to pick up Cure 1 (for everyone if you have the patience), and Light and Mordred for one person. Light replaces the need for LitLamps and Mordred replaces the need for Serums. And Cure 1 compliments your collection of healing items.

    A man in a house in the west part of town will say;

    "A Magic Crystal was stolen. You found it? Tell the Elder!" (Even though you've yet to find anything)

    The Elder, who lives in a lone house has this tidbit to say;

    "I'm the Elder. Monsters stole my crystal. They took off west."

    There is a house in the far northeast of town you can't enter yet.

    :: Other townsfolk info gleamed ::
    -Absolutely nothing really of noteworthy, unless knowing the nearby tower has 5 floors is important.

    Chip 2 will upgrade Gap to level 2, which in turn gains her more LP. Hint, if you save here at the Inn, you can use a Teletrn to return here quickly after you complete the following task. Actually this is useful for saving on travel time, Teletrns return you instantly to the last town you saved in.
    Let's see if we can't find that crystal, shall we? Leave town heading back through the tunnel. On the other side, continue west until you see a long bridge. Heal up if you need to and walk to the very end of the bridge. A monster, Clooa, will attack and he's got the SanCrys. Afterwards Head back to...

-= Mong, Revisited!         -=
    Instead of talking with the Elder (that would make more sense), talk to the man (who thought you had the crystal) in the house just southwest of the Elders. He's pretty excited to have that crystal back. Though you might notice that he did take the crystal... so no point in talking with the Elder.

    Now enter the house in the northeast part of town and have a chat with the occupant;

    "Thanks for your help. What brought you here anyways? Litromin? That's a valuable medicine. Good luck in your search."

    And you now have Litromin, even though no one asked you to get it nor that it was in Mong town to begin with. So what's it do? Umm.. i have no clue. Talk to the man again for a laugh. (Again i rephrase that, we do know who wants Litromin, head back to the
gibberish guy in Orvis' hospital.)

    Make your way all the way back to Orvis

-= Orvis, Revisited! -=
    So head immediately to the hospital and 'use' Litromin on the guy standing next to the blue pod-thing. Now e has this interesting tidbit to say;

    "... can't remember... Where are we? Huh? Corona... The town needs your help subduing Shiseikan's monsters. Legend says the sealed within the Bioroid Plant is Shiseiken, the source of these monsters. Corona, you need an elusive Gem to open the Bioroid Plant. You also need the Password, which is 1525.. Good luck!"

    Now the poor guy lapses back into gibberish mode and Litromin is no more (so much for it being a permanent cure). But we have the first Password, a this is a good thing. Can you believe this crucial information i was missing out on for years just because i rarely visit the hospitals. I feel real lame now hehehe. But onto the walkthrough!!

    How does tackling a five-floored tower sound? Head all the way back to Hyu. Stock up on supplies here and basically head back towards Orvis. Though after crossing the bridges away from Hyu, cut westward. You'll have to navigate around some mountains but should soon come across some islands connected by bridges. Head north along these bridges and islands until you see a tower surrounded by mountains (the tower is roughly to the extreme northwest of Hyu, but you kinda have to circumnavigate some obstacles). In ya go... (if i didn't get you lost first)

-= Tower 1, Vedia Continent -=
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Vedia Tower
    Make your way through the 4 floors to the 5th floor. On the 5th, it switches back to a top down view and you get to encounter a boss. Beat him to the ground and search the chest that is next to the computer. Inside you'll receive Pass 1 (this will let you enter that first building you passed on your way to Mong Town). Now equip Gap with the LeadPak and 'search' the computer. Go ahead and enter 1525 and collect the Red Gem! Use the Seceder for a speedy way out of the tower.
    So guess where to go now? Yup.. clear across to the other side of the continent again!

    So fill up your supplies at Hyu if need be. Head like you are going to Mong, but enter that first building this time (Pass 1 allows access now). Make your way through the tunnel out onto an island. Here you'll see two more builds and yet another tower. Mobs are pretty tough, so don't linger here, enter into the building east. Work your way though this tunnel and emerge out onto a new continent!

P A R T  T W O ---->

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