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Unknown World: Side Quests

Invisible Mandalorians

You can only get this quest if "the One" is not hostile toward you. This means that you need to visit them first if you're going to side with the Elders, or you need to Exterminate the Elders if you visit them first. In either case, in the North Beach area there is a Rakata named Warleader Garn. Talk to him and he will ask you to exterminate the Mandalorians near the Temple Compound. Head on over to the Temple, and just to the right of the entrance, near a few Palm trees you will be ambushed by a group of Mandalorians.

They often use adhesive grenades which are a big pain in the rear, as you cannot take any actions for the duration, so you'll want to make sure you're buffed up beforehand. You may even want to use some energy shields before you reach them so that you can resist their firepower until the grenades wear off. If you're lucky enough not to be hit by the adhesive grenades, use area effect powers to debilitate them and then finish them off quickly. In any case you'll gain an extra 500 XP for eradicating the Captain, after which you'll want to loot their corpses. Return to the Warleader with the Mandalorian's head, and he'll reward you with 1000 XP and a cache of goodies, all of which have little use now. Ah well, at least you got to cap some bad guys right?

Rakatan Research

You can only get this quest if you side with the Elders. Since the only reward you get is XP, it doesn't matter if you do this quest, this late in the game. Anyways, once the Elders let you roam freely in their compound, talk to Researcher Ll'awa. He'll explain that he's looking for information on the Rakatan Genome, to jumpstart their Invasion of the Galaxy genetic engineering program to help the Rakatan become able to use the force once again. Anyways, you can't do anything until you actually enter the temple and talk to the computer in the Basement, so follow the Main walkthrough until that point. Once there ask the computer for data on the Rakatan Genome, and he'll give it to you for free, and he'll throw in a bonus 500 XP while he's at it. Yaay!

Head back to the researcher and give him the information he asked for for another 1000 XP. My original plan was to take the mysterious box (the one you got on Korriban), and trade the body of "The One" with the guy trapped in there, with the condition that he would help the Elders. All you have to do is tell "The One" that the box will grant him magic powers if you were to trade his body with the spirit within or some-such garbage. Unfortunately that possibility wasn't included in the dialog files, so that plan went out the window. Ah well. Maybe next time Bioware.

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