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Dialogue Choices on Taris Part 2

Vulkar Base

Vulkar Coward
+4 : [You] Sorry, but it's too risky to let you live.
+4 : [You] Sorry - I only fight to the death!

Ada (Waitress)
+2 : [You] Hurry, then - get out of here.
+2 : [You] Leaving you alive is too risky. Sorry, sister... looks like your order is up!

+2 : [Kandon] Excellent. Here - you might need these for this mission. They're access codes to Gadon's private chambers in the Bek base. Without them you won't be able to get at the old man. (Upon agreeing to work for him)

Hidden Bek Base

Gadon Thek
+2 : [Kaeira] We're under attack! Guards! Guards! (Upon entering Gadon's Chambers)

Sith Military Base

+2 : [You] You're in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's bad luck, but I still have to kill you!

+2 : [Duros] Thank you, human. I do not know what you are doing inside this military base, but I am grateful. Once again I owe you a debt I can never repay. (Upon freeing the Duros)
+2 : [None] (Upon execution of the Duros)

Sith Governor
+2 : [You] I'm going to enjoy gutting you!

Davik's Estate

Rodian Guest
+2 : [You] Time to die, bug-face!
+2 : [You] Answer my questions or I'll carve my initials in your skull with my blaster bolts!

Hudrow (Infinite Dark Side Points possible)
+2 : [You] You better come up with more of a reward if you want to walk out of here alive!
+4 : [You] You might warn the guards. I better just kill you.

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