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Dialogue Choices on the Unknown Planet

WARNING!! Major Spoilers ahead!

Broken Ebon Hawk

Party Member Dialog
+2 : Don't call me that. I'm not Revan anymore.
+2 : Even together they are no match for me. I used to be the Sith Lord, remember?

Central Beach

+4 : [Duros] What?! You... No!

Mission (after your betrayal)
+6 : [You][Force Persuade] You swore a life debt to me, Zaalbar! You'll do as I say!
+4 : [You] You're wrong Mission - I'm the Dark Lord now! Taste my wrath!
+4 : [You] Fine - I'll just kill you myself.
+4 : [You] Then I'll just kill you both!

Temple Exterior

Elder Rakatan or Rakatan Guide
+2 : [You] Lower that shield or I'm going to cut you into little pieces!

Elder Settlement

Elder Councillor
+2 : [You] Give me what the One is after or I'll slaughter you all!

Rakatan Settlement

The One
+2 : [You] You are a fool! I only used you to get into the Temple!

Temple Main Floor

Dark Jedi
+2 : [You] I am Revan no longer. I serve the light and the Jedi Council now!
+2 : [You] Yes, the true Sith Lord has returned! Now bow before me!

Temple Summit

+2 : [You] I am Revan, the Dark Lord! Bow down to me, Bastila!
+2 : [You] If you've fallen under Malak's control you must die!
+2 : [You] I draw my power from the light now, Bastila.
+2 : [You] Now you see the power of the true Dark Lord!
+2 : [You] If I am so powerful, then why do you serve another master?
+2 : [You] Yes! Together we can rule the galaxy!
+6 : [You] The Dark Lord Revan is dead. I am a servant of the light now.
+2 : [You] I don't trust you. I think I'll just kill you instead!
+6 : [You] You... you're right. I cannot do this. I reject the dark side!
+6 : [You] Then you must die!
+2 : [You] I am the Lord of the Sith! Bow down before me!
+6 : [You] No, I will not kill my friend. I reject the power of the dark side.
+6 : [You] Death to the Jedi!
+10 : [Bastila] You are a pathetic fool, Revan! Together we could have defeated Malak and ruled over an Empire, but now I will be at Lord Malak's side instead! (Special alignment adjustment).
+10 : [Bastila] Yes! The sacrificial blood will consecrate this ancient temple in the name of the Sith! With the death of the Jedi the rebirth of Darth Revan will be complete! (Special alignment adjustment)

Special Alignment Adjustments are as follows:

Current AlignmentV LightLightNeutralDarkV Dark
Special Light Adjustment+5+5+10+25+40
Special Dark Adjustment+40+25+10+5+5

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