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Spacecraft and Space Stations Dialog Choices

Aboard the Endar Spire

There are no special dialogue choices on the Endar Spire.

Aboard the Ebon Hawk

+4 : [Sasha] *sniff* Me... me palkie. Is na gon-disen. (when you kick her off of the Ebon Hawk)

Lur Arka Sulas
+4 : [Lur Arka] Thank you for your assistance, sentient. I am sure the girl's parents will be most appreciative of your efforts.

Aboard the Yavin Station

+2 : [None] (Upon its death.)

Aboard the Leviathan

+2 : [You] This is your chance to avenge the deaths of your family!

Saul Karath
+2 : [You] No, Carth, don't give in to your hatred!
+2 : [You] Take your time, Carth. Make him suffer for what he's done to you!

Aboard the Star Forge

During this conversation with Bastila, you gain BRP (Bastila Redemption Points) depending on your dialog choices. You need at least 10 BRP to save her and end the converstation without killing her after her third defeat.
+0 , +2 BRP: [You] I'll never give up on you, Bastila. I know you can still be saved. (1st conversation)
+0 , +1 BRP: [You] I am as strong in the light as I ever was following the dark side. (2nd conversation)
+0 , +1 BRP: [You] You've been consumed by the dark side, Bastila. Can't you see it's destroying you? (2nd conversation)
+0 , +1 BRP: [You] You will accomplish death and destruction with the dark side, nothing else. (2nd conversation)
+0 , +1 BRP: [You] You're dooming yourself to an endless cycle of death and betrayal. (2nd conversation)
+0 , +2 BRP: [You] Then strike me down, Bastila. I won't defend myself.(3rd conversation)
+0 , +1 BRP: [You] Your emotions get the better of you, Bastila. Remember the Jedi code.(3rd conversation)
+0 , +1 BRP: [You] Now you see the dark side is not stronger than the light. (Final conversation)
+0 , +2 BRP: [You] You can reject the dark side, Bastila. Return to the light. (Final conversation)
+0 , +1 BRP: [You] I was redeemed, Bastila. You can be, too. (Final conversation)
+0 , +2 BRP: [You] [Bastila][Success] You... always had more strength than I did. I told you that. I felt so... helpless before your destiny.(Final conversation)
+0 , +2 BRP: [You] [Bastila][Success] I doubt mere words can help me now, but to appease you I will recite them: (Final conversation)
+0 , +1 BRP: [You] You can't protect someone from the dark side. Each individual must choose their own path. (Final conversation)
+0 , +1 BRP: [You] You did more than protect me, Bastila. (Final conversation)
+0 , +3 BRP: [You] [Bastila][Success] I... I know a flicker of the light still burns within me. Malak felt it too. He knew it could only be extinguished if I killed you.(Final conversation)
+0 , +5 BRP: [You] [Bastila][Success] You... love me? Heh. I... there was a time I yearned for and yet dreaded to hear those words. I loved you, too, but I could never... face who you were. (Final conversation)

+2 : [You] I was saved from the darkness, Malak. You can be too, if you wish.
+6 : [You] That can be arranged!
+6 : [You] The Sith slaughter ends here, Malak, with your death!
+2 : [You] Enough words! Now we end this!

Not Confined to a specific planet

Senni Vek
+2 : [You] I'll beat you to death with that datapad if you don't go away right now!

+2 : [You] No one can teach him this lesson, Mission. He has to learn it himself. (when you talk to her about Griff's latest scheme)
+2 : [You] What do you care? He left you to die on Tais! (spelling error is found in game. This is also when you talk to her about Griff's latest scheme.)
+0 : [Mission] You're right! Griff may be my brother, but he deserted me on Taris. As far as I'm concerned that pretty much breaks any bond we had!(Makes her angry against Griff)
+2 : [You] Don't give up on him, Mission. He could still change. (When talking to her after giving Griff a Tach Gland)
+2 : [You] If I ever see your brother again he's a dead man! (When talking to her after giving Griff a Tach Gland)

+2 : [You] Kill him now. (Final dialog)

WARNING!! Major Spoilers ahead!

+2 : [You] If you tell anyone who I am, I'll kill you!
+2 : [You] I'm not Revan anymore.

End of spoiler warning

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