Here is the Enemy listing for Lunar 2:EBC. They are sorted by the Location that you meet them in. Clicking on the Zone name will bring you to the listing for that Zone. Please note that depending on your connection speed, load times for these pages may vary due to the mass amount of information & pictures.

A small explanation is needed for the stats. All are fairly obvious, such as HP and Attack Power. However, the main thing you'll need to note is the difference between Agility and Speed. Agility is how fast the baddie can attack in battle while Speed has two parts. Speed has a number and a letter. the number is the monster's battle speed. This stat determines how often the enemy can dodge an attack. The letter is the monster's map speed. The letter can be Q (quicker), E (equal), S (slower). They are all in reference to Hiro's walking speed. If an enemy has E or S, Hiro can dash around to avoid them, if it is Q...be prepared to fight.