Relics are special items that you can equip onto your Dream Creature. You cannot buy them, so you must find them scattered throughout the Moonlands. You are able to equip up to two relics onto your Dream Creature. Relics are kept in a New Game Plus, allowing you to have multiple copies of a certain relic.

Archaic LeafRaises Skill by 10Orwin's House
Armor Orb????
Bag of BonesRaises Strength by 8??
Bark ThimbleRaises Defense by 4Naroom Shore
Channeled GemRaises Skill by 6Weave Path (Ashgar's Key required)
Corf PearlRaises Resist by 15
Raises Skill by 15
Lowers Strength by 15
Orothe Backdoor
Crimson VoidRaises Strength by 6
Raises Skill by 6
Lowers Defense by 10
Lowers Resist by 10
Weave Path (Ashgar's Key required)
Earth's AuraRaises defense against Naroom
Raises Defense by 15
Lowers Speed by 25
Underneath North Tower
End BringerRaises Strength by 25
Raises Skill by 25
Raises Defense by 25
Raises Resist by 25
Raises Speed by 25
Increases Energy by 25*
Causes Erupt
Energy GemRaises Energy by 6*Weave Path (Orothean Belt required)
Flame Aura????
Flame EssenceRaises defense against Naroom
Lowers defense against Core
Gem of NaroomRaises Defense by 5Wence's House
Golden CloverRaises Luck by 15??
Grail of LifeRaises Energy by 4*Seer's House (Orothean Belt required)
Hyren's ClawRaises Strength by 5??
Leaf EssenceRaises defense against Core
Lowers defense against Orothe
Seer's House (Orothean Belt required)
Lucent Belt????
Ombor's AmuletRaises Resist by 10Gruk's Mushroom Farm Basement
Phantom WindRaises Strength by 10
Raises Speed by 10
Raises Skill by 5
Arderial: Middle Crossing
Pinch of Life????
Rabbage FootReduces Luck to 0??
Rage StoneRaises Strength by 2
Raises Speed by 2
Orothe Passage
Shadow VeilRaises Defense by 20
Raises Resist by 20
Causes Confuse
Shield OrbRaises Defense by 15Naroom Shadow Geyser
Sky EssenceRaises defense againse Orothe
Lowers defense against Naroom
Arderial: Middle Crossing
Spice of LifeRaises Energy by 8*??
Stone EssenceRaises defense against Arderial
Lowers defense againse Cald
Underneath Shadow Geyser
Stone of DoomCauses Plague??
Stone of Life????
Sword of WindRaises Strength by 15??
Tide Essence????
Titan RingRaises Strength by 8Underneath Shadow Geyser
Water OrbRaises defense against Orothe
Raises Strength by 5
Raises Skill by 5
Raises Defense by 5
Raises Resist by 5
Causes Hiccups
In the room with Agadon's Boots
WishboneRaises Luck by 5??

*Relics that increase Energy increase maximum Energy within battle, but not cost to summon the creature.

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