If you want to control any creature except your starting Furok, you'll need to see a ringsmith. After fighting a few battles in a region, you will start to collect infused Animite from the creatures. You can take this to a Ringsmith for them to construct a ring for you! Many rings require Animite from a second creature; this is listed below.

Table is sorted in the ringsmith's order.

Naroom | Underneath | Cald
Orothe | Arderial | Core

Pruitt, Naroom Ringsmith
CreatureAnimite CostInfused Animite Requirement
Weebo15Weebo x2
Twee15Twee x2
Eebit15Eebit x3
Treebit15Treebit x3
Rabbage24Rabbage x3
Eebit x1
Arboll24Arboll x3
Furok40Furok x4
Plith45Plith x2
Rudwot100Rudwot x2
Arboll x1
Leaf Chogo100Leaf Chogo x3
Furok x1
Vinoc100Vinoc x2
Wasperine100Wasperine x3
Plith x1
Bhatar150Bhatar x3
Twee x1
Leaf Hyren180Leaf Hyren x3
Arboll x1
Timber Hyren250Timber Hyren x4
Twee x1
Fossik, Underneath Ringsmith
CreatureAnimite CostInfused Animite Requirement
Gum Gum50Gum Gum x1
Porkuslime50Porkuslime x2
Gum Gum x1
Brub50Brub x2
Ghost Bwisp70Ghost Bwisp x3
Parmalag x1
Agovo70Agovo x2
Weebat70Weebat x2
Weebo x1
Cave Rudwot100Cave Rudwot x3
Giant Korit100Giant Korit x2
Weebo x1
Bisiwog100Bisiwog x1
Parmalag100Parmalag x2
Tusk Bwisp120Tusk Bwisp x2
Parmalag x1
Vulbor120Vulbor x3
Mush Hyren200Mush Hyren x3
Weebo x1
Cave Hyren300Cave Hyren x4
Ormagon400Ormagon x1
Weebo x1
Magam, Cald Ringsmith
CreatureAnimite CostInfused Animite Requirement
Arbolit100Arbolit x3
Diobor100Diobor x4
Lava Aq100Lava Aq x2
Lava Arboll100Lava Arboll x1
Quor100Quor x3
Raxis100Raxis x3
Agovo x1
Graw150Graw x3
Rudwot x1
Sabreback150Sabreback x3
Porkuslime x1
Drakan150Drakan x2
Arbolit x1
Kelthet150Kelthet x3
Vinoc x1
Lava Balamant150Lava Balamant x4
Magma Hyren450Magma Hyren x3
Lava Arboll x1
Flame Hyren550Flame Hyren x5
Ayebaw x1
Orlon, Orothe Ringsmith
CreatureAnimite CostInfused Animite Requirement
Sharbloot100Sharbloot x2
Orpus100Orpus x2
Agovo x1
Paralit100Paralit x3
Parmalag x1
Abaquist100Abaquist x4
Vulbor x1
Bwill100Bwill x2
Brub x1
Platheus150Platheus x4
Sphor150Sphor x3
Sharbloot x1
Sea Jile150Sea Jile x2
Sabreback x1
Karak150Karak x2
Paralit x1
Coral Hyren500Coral Hyren x3
Paralit x1
Deep Hyren600Deep Hyren x5
Orpus x1
Megathan650Megathan x5
Orathan Flyer x1
Lasada, Arderial Ringsmith
CreatureAnimite CostInfused Animite Requirement
Xyx150Xyx x1
Vashp150Vashp x2
Lava Aq x1
Ayebaw150Ayebaw x3
Epik150Epik x2
Raxis x1
Alaban150Alaban x3
Platheus x1
Vellup15Vellup x4
Agovo x1
Orish150Orish x3
Bhatar x2
Bolt Hyren750Bolt Hyren x3
Xyx x1
Thunder Hyren800Thunder Hyren x5
Vashp x2
Orathan Flyer900Orathan Flyer x1
Core Ringsmith
CreatureAnimite CostInfused Animite Requirement
Hook Wing300Hook Wing x3
Plith x1
Black Agovo300Black Agovo x3
Agovo x1
Shadow Vinoc300Shadow Vinoc x3
Vinoc x1
Grax300Grax x3
Parmalag x1
Koil500Koil x3
Core Grag500Core Grag x3
Vile Yogu500Vile Yogu x3
Graw x1
Yvohcna550Yvohcna x3
Platheus x1
Shadow Karak550Shadow Karak x3
Karak x1
Chaos Jile600Chaos Jile x1
Sea Jile x1
Kletch600Kletch x3
Spindle x1
Sarbil600Sarbil x3
Jingjack x1
Spindle600Spindle x3
Kletch x1
Jingjack600Jingjack x3
Sarbil x1
Borgor600Borgor x3
Sphor x1
Dark Ayebaw650Dark Ayebaw x3
Ayebaw x1
Dark Vellup650Dark Vellup x3
Vellup x1
Shryque650Shryque x3
Raxis x1
Dryte Fiend700Dryte Fiend x3
Bhatar x1
Kazor700Kazor x3
Sharbloot x2
Core Hyren800Core Hyren x3
Thunder Hyren x1