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Battle Information

Ah, battles, what Pokemon is all about. This page has all the information you need to know.

Type Chart

Weak = x2 damage from attack
Resist = x0.5 damage from attack
Ineff. = No damage from attack
- means normal damage
ATTACK TYPEPHYSICALNormal-----Resist-Ineff.Resist--------

The Flow of Battle

Battles in Pokemon Colosseum are two on two Pokemon battles. This takes some getting used to if you're used to the
one on one battles in the Game Boy games, but it soon becomes second nature. Because it's two on two, you can take
two actions in a round. You can do any command twice, such as items, calling, or switching Pokemon (with the
exception of capturing, you can only use one Snag Ball per turn).

After all commands are given, the actual battle commences. Any healing items used go very first in battle, followed by any
Snag attempts you make. After that comes any calls you make, and finally comes any battle items such as X Attack. Then,
finally, the battle actually goes forth.

The Pokemon with the most Speed will generally go first, and then the others will act in order of their speed. If any Pokemon is
eliminated, the trainer will send out another to replace it immediately.
REMEMBER: If a Pokemon is eliminated by the first attack of an opponent, its replacement is NOT safe from being hit by the
second attack. Example: Espeon and Umbreon fight Makuhita and Bagon. Espeon targets Makuhita with Confusion and Umbreon
targets the same Makuhita with Faint Attack. Makuhita is knocked out by Confusion and Abra is sent out to replace it. Abra
will then be hit by Faint Attack. Also, if there was no replacement for Makuhita, then Bagon would have been hit by Faint

Shadow Pokemon and Hyper Mode

Shadow Pokemon are a new and dangerous type of Pokemon. They're also the only type you can Snag in this game.

Shadow Pokemon fight much like their regular selves, except they have an extremely deadly attack: Shadow Rush.
Shadow Rush has no type, and it is never "Super effective!" nor is it ever "Not very effective...".
It also causes recoil damage upon the user.

Shadow Pokemon can also enter Hyper Mode. While in Hyper Mode, their chances of scoring a critial hit are much higher.
However you don't have much control over a Pokemon in Hyper Mode, and they will do whatever they want sometimes.
To get a Pokemon out of Hyper Mode, use the Call command. Depending on its Nature, this may also lower its Heart Meter a lot.

Same Type Attack Bonus (S.T.A.B.)

STAB is a simple but very handy little feature.
When a Pokemon uses a move of its own type (for instance, Espeon using a Psychic move), it gets a STAB on that move.
The STAB makes it so the move's attack power is multiplied by 1.5.
For instance, the move Earthquake has an attack power of 100. However, if a Ground-type uses it, its attack is 150.
Dual-type Pokemon get STAB on both their types. For instance, Mantine gets the bonus on both Water and Flying moves.
While the STAB is useful, it's not always the best option. For example, Umbreon gets s STAB on Dark-type, but since his Special Attack
is so low, it'd be usually more beneficial to give him physical moves, even though he doesn't have a STAB on them.

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