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Pokemon Only In Colosseum

There are some Pokemon who only appear in Pokemon Colosseum, and must be caught here if you wish to fill your Pokedex in any of the Game Boy Advance games. This table lists each of them and where to catch them.

PokemonSnagged FromLocationAlso required for
BayleefMystery Troop VerdePhenac West ExitChikorita, Meganium
QuilavaMystery Troop RossoPhenac East ExitCyndaquil, Typhlosion
CrononawMystery Troop BlunoPhenac South ExitTotodile, Feraligatr
Noctowl????Pyrite Fighting CircleHoothoot
Flaaffy????Pyrite Fighting CircleMareep, Ampharos
SudowoodoMiror B.Pyrite CaveN/A
Gligar????The Under SubwayN/A
Stantler????The Under SubwayN/A
Aipom????The Under SubwayN/A
Forretress????Shadow Pokemon LabPineco
Sunflora????Realgam TowerSunkern
Miltank????Realgam TowerN/A
Houndoom????Realgam TowerHoundour
Ursaring????Snagem HideoutTeddiursa
Smeargle????Snagem HideoutN/A
Shuckle????The Deep ColosseumN/A

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