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Outskirt Stand
Phenac City Walkthrough

Snags in these areas:
PokemonSnagged FromLocation
MakuhitaMiror B.Peon TrudlyMayor's House
Only one of the following three:
BayleefMystery Troop VerdePhenac West Exit
QuilavaMystery Troop RossoPhenac East Exit
CrononawMystery Troop BlunoPhenac South Exit

Items in these areas:
TM41 - TormentDefeat Roller Boy Kaib, east of Pre Gym
Poke Ball x5Speak to Outskirt Stand shopkeeper after defeating Team Snagem Wakin

After the opening FMV, you will be at the Outskirt Stand. Take this time to check the stats and moves on your two Pokemon (Espeon and Umbreon). It helps to know this before you get into a battle. Once you're familiar with them, walk up the ramp and two suspicious looking men will come out, discussing their "big catch". Probably a Pokemon, right? In any event, they speed off, so forget them for now and enter the stand. Watch a news bulletin and talk to everyone inside, particularily Willie, the man with pink hair sitting at the back. As you leave the stand, Willie will stop you and challenge you to a battle. Since every bit of experience helps, take him on.

Trainer: Rider WilliePrize: 0 PokeWillie's two Zigzagoons are no problem for your duo. Espeon's Confusion attack should be able to take out one, and Umbreon's Bite will damage another enough so it can be taken out the next round. If you're lucky, Bite will also cause a Zigzagoon to flinch, and you should win the battle without taking a hit if that happens.

Willie will congratulate your skills, and recommend you go to Phenac City. It's a good idea, so walk away from the train to go to the world map. (Note: You can buy items from the store inside the stand now, but you shouldn't need to just yet.) Select Phenac City from the map screen and watch yourself travel across the wastelands. (Hey, it's a better screen than "Now loading...", isn't it?"

When you arrive in Phenac, you'll see the two guys with the sack from Outskirt Stand. Then, the sack begins to speak. Being the hero you are, you can't let these villains get away with kidnapping whoever's in that sack! One of the men will attack you.

Trainer: Shady Guy FollyPrize: 500 PokeThis battle is almost the same as the battle with Willie. Use the same strategy and things should go down the same way. Don't worry about Whismur's weird Uproar attack, the extra effect of it doesn't matter in this battle. (It prevents moves that rely on sound from working, and also prevents sleep, if you're wondering.)

When Folly is defeated, he and his buddy Trudly will run off, leaving the sack behind. Open it up and release the prisoner from inside. She'll be so thankful you rescued her, she'll accompany you on your journey! I'll say this now: You'll come to hate her. She can't be walked through, and she tends to get in your way at the most annoying times, like whenever you have to pass a thin pathway, which happens a lot later on. (Agate Village and The Under) Also, you're given the chance to name her. This walkthrough will refer to her as Yuki, one of the default names. She'll also mention something about dark Pokemon, which will come into play in just a bit.

In any event, go to the Pokemon Center now, and save the game. Heal up too if you need to. (A note here: Unlike the Gameboy Advance games, you can only save in Pokemon Centers in this game.) Now, if you want a little more experience and money, you can battle a couple trainers around town. There's Fun Old Man Drig near the fountain, and Roller Boy Kaib northeast of the gym. Kaib will also give you a TM41 (Torment) if you defeat him.

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