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In battle various spells or items can alter the statistics of the players or other create useful effects. All conditions will disenchant naturally over a random amount of battle turns, at the end of battle, with an Invalidity spell, or with certain boss spells. First level statistical spells will have 1.5x modifiers while second level will modify by 2x. E.g. Weakness Lvl 1 will divide the target's defence by one and one half.

Condition Symbol Spell Item Description
Attack IncreaseATK /\ Power Staff NA Increases damage done with staff or physical attacks.
Attack DecreaseATK \/ Compression NA Decreases damage received from staff or physical attacks.
Defence IncreaseDEF /\Spirit Armor 1, 2Silver Amulet, Gold Amulet Decreases damage received from attacks.
Defence DecreaseDEF \/Weakness 1, 2, Weak All NA Increases damage received from attacks.
Agility Increase AGI /\Evade 1, 2NA Increases chances of misses in battle.
Agility Decrease AGI \/Wind Bomb NA Decreases chances of misses in battle.
Movement IncreaseMOV /\Wind Walk Giant's Shoes Increases size of personal force field in battle.
Movement DecreaseMOV \/Slow Enemy NA Deceases the size of personal force field in battle.
Absorb HP Red Ring Vampire's Touch NA Damage done with Staff Attacks is added to Brian's HP.
Absorb MP White RingConfusion NA Damage receive will heal MP. (Damage is still taken though.)
Soul Searcher Magnifying Glass Soul Searcher NA Displays name, element, and statistics of target on their turn.
Silence X Silence Silent Flute Cannot cast spells, (but can perform Staff or Physical attacks).
Shielded Pink Sphere NA Magic Barrier No damage is received.
Restricted Three White Rings Restriction Celine's Flute Cannot move or cast spells.
Frozen Ice Crystal Ice Wall, Ice Knife NA Cannot move but can cast spells.