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An island where magical spirits abound. This is the abode of magic who have become powerful through a pact with the spirits. There are apprentices of the Melrode Monastery, among them the young apprentice Brian.

This is the Kingdom of Northern Magic, home of the Melrode Monaster. This kingdom is ruled by King Scottford, a hero of the people.

The Kingdom of Merchants is situated in the central region of Celtland. The richest and most beautiful of the kingdoms, rule by the lovely Queen Deanne.

The Kingdom of Sword, located in the southern edge of the isles. The Kingdom of Fire and Steel is ruled by the ambitious and warlike King Beigis.

Thanks to a treaty among the three kingdoms, the people live in peace and prosperity. One night however, the Monastery fell invaded and evil spell with the of theft of an ancient book. Because of the theft Celtland now faces dangers it has never known before.


Celtland is a beautiful island. From a time beyond memory, a spirit of harmony pulses through the land. The surrounding seas are calm and inviting and the flame of freedom burns strong among the people. This world is watched over by Spirit Tamers, magical guardians who hold a pact with the Spirits of Nature. Their powerful magic secrets are inscribed in the Eletale's Book. Only those worthy of becoming Spirit Tamers themselves are allowed to read from this sacred volumes. But now an evil being has stolen the book of the Spirit Tamers and is using it to cast deadly spells over the land. Strange beasts lurk in the countryside. Rumors of terrible happenings run through the towns. Citizens are edgy and fearful for the first time in a thousand years. Peace is shattered. Celtland is sinking into a dark age of chaos and misery.

You are Brian, an apprentice Spirit Tamer. Your father, Lord Bartholomy, himself a Spit Tamer, vanishes while trying to recover the Book. You vow to find him and the book, restoring Celtland to its glory.

Begin your dangerous Quest through uncharted lands. Travel throughout the kingdom of Kennishire, Highland and Carmagh. Search for clues and the power you'll need to fulfill your Quest. Learn harmony with the spirits of Earth, WInd, Fire and Water. Declare war on the evil that grips your land. Battles supernatural beasts while solving mysterious puzzles. Rescue your father and return the book to worth hands before all of Celtland descends into chaos.