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Welcome to the Weapons page of the Shadowrun: Sega Genesis Shrine.

In 2050, gun control laws are lax. Almost everyone carries a gun, so people get handy with them. Guns come in many shapes and sizes. The key factors to consider when choosing a gun are its damage, power, and ammo:

  • Damage is increased by the skill of the attacker, and reduced by the body size and armor of the defender.

  • Power is the weapon's ability to punch through defenses. It is more difficult for a target to reduce damage from weapons with high power ratings.

  • Ammo is the number of shots a gun can fire before it needs a new clip. Since it takes time to reload a gun, the more bullets you can fire without reloading, the better off you will be. In addition, gus with low ammo counts use clips faster, which will cost more to keep loaded.
  • Legal Weapons
    Legal weapons are light and heavy pistols. These weapons can be accessorized.

  • Semi-auto Light Pistols have a high fire rate. Their range is poor, making long range targets difficult to hit.
  • Semi-auto Heavy Pistols have a bigger bang. Their range is better than light pistols, though not by much.
  • Illegal Weapons
    Some firearms are illegal. Anyone carrying an illegal weapon may be arrested on sight by Lone Star.

  • Shotguns cause large amounts of damage. Most have a long range, but the Roomsweeper is a short-barreled weapon with the shorter range of a heavy pistol. Shotguns have a slow fire rate due to the manual pump, and take longer to reload. They cannot be accessorized.

  • Full-auto SMG's (Sub-Machine Guns) can fire three round bursts, all at one target at close range, or hitting a group of targets at long range. Due to a high fire rate, SMG's are highly inaccurate, and many are mounted with gas vents to offset the recoil. They have a long range, making a fully loaded SMG a deadly weapon at any distance. SMG's can be accessorized.
  • *Note: For more information on weapon accessories, please visit the Items page.

    Grenades are area effect weapons. They must be thrown. High strength and good throwing skill will increase the accuracy of the throw. Scatter and concussion grenades are legal. However, the frag grenade is illegal, due to its ability to blow down security doors.

    Below is a list of all of the weapons in Shadowrun. The price list for all items, as well as cyberdeck & programs can be found at the Prices page.

    Pistols, Shotguns, and SMG's

    Picture Name Ammo Description
    Model 101T Light Pistol 12 A slim-line personal weapon favored by street thugs. Light Damage, Light Power.
    American L36 Light Pistol 11 This light design is popular among the style-conscious. Light Damage, Light Power.
    Predator Heavy Pistol 15 This menacing gun is popular among mercenaries. Medium Damage, High Power.
    Warhawk Heavy Pistol 06 This revolver holds less ammo but more punch. Medium Damage, Brutal Power.
    Max-Power Heavy Pistol 10 A sturdy weapon that trades firepower for ammo. Medium Damage, High Power.
    Roomsweeper Shotgun 08 This pistol-like shotgun is illegal. High Damage, High Power.
    Allegiance Shotgun 05 This autoloading shotgun is illegal. High Damage, Brutal Power.
    HK227-S SMG 28 This SMG is most favored with Corp. security. It is illegal. Medium Damage, Medium Power.
    AK-97 SMG 30 A common Soviet SMG carbine. It is illegal. Medium Damage, Light Power.
    Mach 22 SMG 24 A common SMG for street gangs. It is illegal. Medium Damage, Light Power.


    Picture Name Uses Description
    Scatter Grenade 06 This grenade causes physical damage in a large area. High Damage, Light Power.
    Concussion Grenade 06 This grenade causes stun damage in a large area. Medium Damage, Brutal Power.
    Frag Grenade 06 This illegal grenade causes physical damage in a large area. It also has the ability to blow down security doors. High Damage, Medium-High power.