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     Italicized items are optional; everything else is mandatory.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8

Chapter 1:
  • Talk to Lowe
  • Talk to Lord Varios
  • Talk to Lowe
  • Talk to Gort in the pub
  • Talk to King Guardiana, agree
  • Attempt to leave Guardiana
  • Talk to King Guardiana
  • Leave Guardiana
Ancients' Gate
  • Battle 1: Defeat the Rune Knight
  • Retreat and talk to and recruit Gong
  • Exit Ancients' Gate
  • Battle 2: Reach Guardiana
  • Talk to and recruit Gort
  • Enter the throneroom
  • Exit Guardiana
  • Battle 3: Reach Alterone
  • Talk to the King
  • Follow the King and talk to Kane
  • Search the prison bars
  • Battle 4: Defeat all enemies
  • Talk to the king
  • Search Dragon-head statue
  • Enter waterfall passage and continue north.
Chapter 2:
  • Talk to Elder
  • Exit Rindo
  • Battle 5: Reach Manarina
  • Search the fake monster to obtain the Domingo Egg
  • Talk to Anri
  • Talk to Anri once more to recruit her
  • Talk to Otrant, agree
  • Talk to Wizard blocking the Cavern of Darkness
  • Battle 6: Defeat Skeleton
  • Use the Orb of Light to speak to the spirit
  • Talk to and recruit Arthur
  • Return to Rindo
  • Talk to the mayor
  • Talk to the man blocking the circus path
  • Enter the Circus Tent
  • Battle 7: Defeat Marionette
  • Talk to the mayor
  • Enter the ship
  • Talk to the mayor, answer yes
  • Talk to the mayor's son
  • Exit Rindo
Shade Abbey
  • Talk to the friar
  • Talk to Balbaroy in the chapel
  • Battle 8: Defeat all enemies
  • Talk to Amon
Chapter 3:
  • Talk to Diane's mother
  • Talk to Diane
  • Battle 9: Defeat Master Mage
  • Get the Moon Stone
  • Talk to the man who converts the Moon Stone to Lunar Dew, answer yes
  • use Lunar Dew on Zylo
  • Watch Kokichi's demonstration
  • Exit to the norhteast
  • Battle 10: Reach the Bridge
  • Battle 11: Defeat the Silver Knight the pushed Pelle off the cliff
Chapter 4:
  • Talk to Elliot next to the shop, say yes
  • Talk to the queen twice, say yes
  • Talk to and recruit Vankar
  • Find Jogurt in the chapel
  • Battle 12: Defeat Elliot
Pao Revisited
  • Talk to and recruit Guntz
  • Hatch the Domingo Egg in the shop
  • Battle 13: Defeat enemies blocking entrance
  • Find and talk to Earnest
  • Talk to Ship Port Guard
  • Battle 14: Defeat Balbazak
  • Answer yes to Balbazak
Chapter 5:
  • Battle 15: Defeat all enemies
  • Talk to the Mermaid using the Guest boat
  • Proceed past her
  • Step on the symbol
Ring Reef
  • Follow the skeleton
  • Battle 16:Defeat Master Mage
  • Step onto the symbol to return to Waral
  • Talk to the king, answer yes for the first question
  • Battle 17:Defeat all enemies
Chapter 6:
  • Talk to the girl blocking your path
  • Talk to Karin
  • Talk to Brit the dog
  • Talk to Krin
  • Talk to and recruit Lyle
  • Talk to the guard
  • Exit
  • Battle 18: Defeat Durahan or Reach Dragonia
  • Talk to Bleu repeatedly until Karin appears
  • talk to Karin
  • Talk to Bleu once more
  • Enter and exit headquarters
  • Battle 19: Defeat Kane (Cain)
  • Talk to Kain in the shrine
  • Follow Kane and watch the scene
  • Return to Rudo
  • Talk to Karin
  • Talk to Krin, answer yes
  • Talk to Karin
  • Exit Rudo
Demon Castle
  • Battle 20: Reach Demon Castle
  • Battle 21: Defeat Mishaela
  • Get the Sword of Light from the treasure chest
Chapter 7:
  • Talk to the king
  • Search the cell bars
  • Talk to Boken
  • Enter the throneroom
  • Talk to the King
  • Talk to Kane
  • Try to leave
  • Search the sign between two buildings to obtain Musashi
  • Exit Prompt
Tower of the Ancients
  • Battle 22: Reach Tower of the Ancients
  • Go through the tower up the stairs twice
  • Battle 23: Defeat Demon Master
  • Enter the room behind the Demon Master
  • Exit the Tower and return to Prompt
  • Talk to the King
  • Use the Orb of Light to open the Shining Path
  • Enter Metapha by stepping on the symbol
  • Use the Orb of Light on the pool
  • Talk to Adam
  • Battle 24: Defeat Chaos
  • Use the Sword of Light on the left altar
  • Use the Sword of Darkness on the right altar
  • Take the Chaos Breaker from the center altar
  • Head north for a scene
  • Return to Prompt
  • Speak with the king
  • Exit Prompt
  • Battle 25: Defeat the Armed Skeleton guarding the gate
  • Pass through the gate
Chapter 8:
  • Enter Runefaust
  • Search the bush just north of your starting location to obtain Hanzou
  • Talk to Mahoto
  • Exit Runefaust to the southwest
Runefaust Castle
  • Talk to Darksol
  • Battle 26: Defeat all enemies
  • Battle 27: Defeat Ramladu
  • Take secret passage to the left of the main hallway
  • Use the Chaos Breaker on the tip of the westernmost penninsula
  • Enter the building just to the north
Castle of the Ancients
  • Battle 28: Defeat Main Colossus
  • Battle 29: Defeat Darksol
  • Battle 30: Defeat Dark Dragon

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