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Chapter 2: Spirit of the Holy Spring

Rindo - Cavern of Darkness
New Force Members: Anri
New Items: Speed Ring, Domingo Egg

          The chapter begins with Max standing to the side of the town of Rindo; step to the east and enter. Right in front of Max is the weapons shop (the building on the right side) which contains upgraded weapons worth an investment for some characters. Don't bother buying a Power Staff unless you intend for your mages to kill with melee weapons, and when you're finished, exit the shop and go towards the east past the huge patch of dirt, apparently where the Circus will be, then north. Enter the abandonded shed and open the chest to find the Speed Ring in a treasure chest. From here, go northwest and talk to the village mayor. Once finished, exit the town to the south for the next battle.

Battle 5: To Anri
Battle Party:Max Tao Lowe Luke Ken Hans Gong Mae Gort Khris
Enemy Party:Dark DwarfDark DwarfDark DwarfGiant BatGiant BatGiant BatGiant Bat Sniper Sniper Dark Mage Dark Mage Dark Mage Zombie Zombie Zombie Zombie
Conditions for Winning: Reach Manarina as Max / Destroy all Enemies
         At the beginning of the battle, the Giant Bats will gather in the middle of the battlefield with the Dark Mage and the Snipers. Your first goal is to destroy the Dark Dwarves just past the bridge, a feat that should be quite simple by now. Once done, the Giant Bats should approach, and if not, will once you take a few steps further to the north. Allow them to approach, then destroy them before the Dark Mage and Snipers also approach. Approach them instead in a scattered formation to avoid being attacked by the Blaze 2 spell, surrounding each unit one at a time with as many characters at a time as possible. Heal if necessary, then proceed onward. The group of Zombies won't approach until close enough to attack, so try to beat them to it. Blaze 2, if learned by now, will work wonderfully against the Zombies, and if close enough together, could even destroy about 3 of them at once!
         After entering Manarina, the town in the top left corner of the battlefield, go as far to the northeast through the building as you can and examine the machine to find the Domingo Egg.
          Return to the entrance, then talk to the woman just north and up the stairs. She'll run off to the east, so follow her, east down the hallway, north past the library and up the stairs. Talk to her upstairs once more and she'll join. Return to the entrance once more and go through the previously blocked door to the north. Talk to Otrant and agree to everything said, then go north and down the stairs, down the stairs again, then talk to the wizard. She'll step aside, allowing you to enter the Cavern of Darkness.

Battle 6: Cavern of Darkness
Battle Party:Max Tao Lowe Luke Ken Hans Gong Mae Gort Khris Anri
Enemy Party:Giant Bat Giant Bat Giant Bat Giant Bat Giant Bat Dark Mage Dark Mage Dark Mage Dark Mage Sniper Sniper Zombie Zombie Zombie Skeleton
Conditions for Winning: Defeat the Skeleton
         Move your strongest characters towards the zombies to take them out as quickly as possible before they get a chance to harm your party members. Once you do, the Dark Mage, Snipers, and third Zombie will begin to cross the bridge. Try to block them off so that only one can cross at a time, then pummel them as they cross. Don't support the melee characters in this feat, since if you do, you will be attacked by the Blaze 2 spell. Once all of these enemies are defeated, the Giant Bats will have gathered just near the bridge. Heal quickly, then approach them and destroy them as well (they should be a little easier to defeat by this time). The Dark Mages will block the path to the Skeleton, so you'll have to defeat them once you're close enough. Because they're so closely arranged, Blaze 2 should work nicely on them, and if not, beating them senseless should work just fine. The Skeleton usually doesn't move from just in front of the treasure chest, so ignore him until everything else is complete and your party is healed; then, send one of your strongest party members, supported by your strongest ranged characters, and take him out swiftly.
Cavern of Darkness - End of Chapter 2
New Force Members: Arthur, Balbaroy, Amon
New Items: Power Ring, Power Staff, Wooden Staff, Medical Herb, Orb of Light, 50 Coins, Steel Arrow, Defense Potion
          Once the battle has finished, collect all of the treasures around the area to obtain the following: the Power Ring, a Power Staff, a Wooden Staff, a Medical Herb, and the Orb of Light.
          Return to the staircase in the bottom-left corner of the cavern, then go northward up the stairs. The wall should now split and reveal a pool. Walk as far northward as possible, then use the Orb of Light.
          Return south, go around the entrance to the Cavern of Darkness, then continue south until you ascend the staircase, then another staircase. Talk to Otrant once more, then exit through the south door. Before leaving, however, you should return to the room in which you found Anri only moments earlier. To get there, go east from the entrance of Manarina (inside), go as far as as possible, then north through the library and up the northwest staircase. Go up the stairs just next to these as well, then talk to Arthur to get him to join the force. You're finished in Manarina for now, so exit, then return to Rindo, the village to the southeast.
          Go north through the center of Rindo and return to the mayor's house on the northern edge of the town. He'll ask you for a favor and, in return, promises the ship to you. Exit the mayor's house, then go southeast to the dock. Talk to the man blocking the path to the south and he should move. Head south, then west, then enter the Circus for Battle 7.

Battle 7: Circus Tent
Battle Party:Max Tao Lowe Luke Ken Hans Gong Mae Gort Khris Anri Arthur
Enemy Party: Giant Bat Giant Bat Giant Bat Evil Puppet Evil PuppetEvil Puppet MannequinMannequinMannequin Dire Clown Dire Clown Marionette
Conditions for Winning: Defeat the Marionette
         Your first priority is to rearrange your formation so that the characters with the most HP and best Defense are in front, as the group consisting of an Evil Puppet and two Mannequins will attack your party very shortly after the battle begins from the left. Destroy them as fast as possible, healing whenever possible, as immediately after that, you will be attacked by the giant bats from the right. Kill them quickly and heal if even necessary, then prepare to venture northward towards the Marionette. You'll have to take out two more Evil Puppets and a Mannequin, so do it quickly. The Dire Clowns will usually not attack you until you are right in front of them, but the Marionette could cast Freeze 3 on your entire party if you don't scatter your party members around. If you surround each dire clown with one unit, you should be fine, but don't let your units' HP drop too low.
          Once the battle has finished, collect the treasure from the three chests: two near the Marionette, and one near the northeast corner. You should obtain 50 Coins, a Steel Arrow, and a Defense Potion. When finished, exit the cirus tent to the south, then return to the mayor's house and talk to him, then return to the dock and walk onto the ship. After the event, leave the ship, then talk to the mayor once more and answer "Yes" to him, then talk to his son. Once finished, stock up on supplies if necessary, then exit the town through the south.
          Journey north along the path until you reach a place called Shade Abbey. It will be guarded by a birdwoman named Amon. Enter, then go right and north through the door. Talk to the friar, then return to the entrance and go north (the doorway will no longer be blocked. Once you travel far enough to the north, you will enter Battle 8 automatically.

Battle 8: Shade Abbey Chapel
Battle Party:Max Tao Lowe Luke Ken Hans Gong Mae Gort Khris Anri Arthur
Enemy Party:Zombie Zombie Zombie Zombie Zombie Zombie Skeleton Skeleton Skeleton Ghoul
Conditions for Winning: Defeat all Enemies
         From the start, your characters will be surrounded. Move them northward to give Max some protection, but at the same time, don't allow your weaker characters to be attacked and destroyed by the surrounding Zombies. Blaze 2 works wonderfully in this battle, as usual, so try to cast it on as many groups as possible while healing, which you will find yourself doing nearly every round. If you stay near the center, some of the enemies won't approach you, which gives you a chance to heal and prepare to conquer them. Once you do, be sure to attack in large numbers; one hit from the Ghoul could easily kill certain characters in a single hit.
          After the battle, a scene will take place and Balbaroy will automatically join the force. Try to exit Shade Abbey through the south and Amon will automatically join the force as well. This concludes Chapter 2.
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