Boss Guide

The difficulty scale goes as follows: Pitiful--Easy--Medium--Hard--Ridiculous.

 Location Difficulty HP
Antonio's Ship - Loading Bay Easy Between 550 and 558
Attack (Basic attack - Does physical damage) Assessing Damage (Turn Skip) Thunder of Fury (Special attack - Does yellow damage - Can do 150-200 damage, watch out!)
I like to unload pyri on him with Vyse, attack him with Aika, and when health gets low switch Aika to healing with Sacri Crystals. you can also defend for a few rounds then unload Vyse's Cutlass Fury special attack once you have enough spirit, rinse and repeat while healing when necessary with Sacri Cryastals.
Moonberry, 165 gold, 18 exp, 2 Magic exp
Pirate Lady!
 Location Difficulty HP
Dungeon Invincible 99999HP
It's hopless!