Alphonso's Ship



 After being introduced to the oh-so-charming Vyse, the short-tempered Aika, and others, it's time to get started! The first battle's pretty straight-forward, just attack till they die. Eventually papa Dyne will step in to help, along with the crew, and you'll head inside the ship.

 *Before we start moving around, it's important to know that any time you run from any battle, it will negatively affect your "Swashbuckler Ranking", for more information, see the Swashbuckler Rating page. I strongly reccomend NEVER running from ANY battle* Back in control, grab that chest to your right to get SACRI CRYSTAL x1. Head through the door, down the hall, and through another door to be officially introduced to Alphonso!

 Another easy battle, just keep hitting them. Once you've finished them off, follow the railing to your left to another chest containing SACRI CRYSTAL x2! Then head up those stairs in the middle of the room. On the second floor, head to the central catwalk (across the gap from Alfonso) for more dialogue. After this scene, head to your right and right again (to the bottom-right corner of the mini-map) for another chest, this one containing 50 G! Now that you've got your treasure, follow Alphonso through the North door!

 This room contains a save point and a treasure chest containing MAGIC DROPLET x2. Make sure to save before carrying on! The North door is locked, so proceed down the North-West hallway out onto a balcony. Head down that ladder and through the door!

 After a cutscene you'll face off against Antonio, Alfonzo's....Bull...Rhino...Thing. It's the first boss, so don't be too worried. If you do have trouble with him, consult the Boss Guide! (NOTE: If you die in most boss battles, you don't immediately. Rather, you are given the chance to retry the battle. It's a nice touch in a game where you can occasionally wander into a boss room unknowingly without saving.) Finally, after defeating Antonio, Vyse and Aika will return to their ship with their newfound friend - and newly liberated Valuan goods!

 When talking to Fina, you'll be presented with your first choice. These choices do affect the game through your Swashbuckler Rating. In short, you should tell Fina "That's a great name".

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