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Because of the way the game is segmented, this walkthrough is divided into a few sections. The second column in each section lists the main quests encompassed in that section.

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Start of game to New Brightwater1. Muster at the Gates
2. Clear Illumina Countryside
3. Find Princess Ailish
New Brightwater to Illumina Castle4. Escort Ailish Home
5. Find Arlo
6. Courtroom Duty
Illumina Castle to Shadani Temple7. Follow Tal to Shadani-Mo
8. Visit Carrick Lore
9. Clear Temple Mo
Shadow World to Illumina Castle10. Return to Illumina
11. Install the Crystal
12. By Royal Command
The Road to Transentia to Transentia Research Center13. Transentine Crystal
14. Fix the Elevator
15. Obtain Transentium
16. Use the Portal
Crystal Reef to The Grotto17. Aklorian Crystal
18. Holy Symbol of Tetsu
19. Pearls for the Mermaid Statue
20. Defeat Nassaria
The Grotto to Aklorian Stronghold21. Rescue Ailish and Buki
22. Aklorian Stronghold
Cyantine Citadel to New Brightwater23. Return to Illumina castle
24. Get Tilly to Safety
25. Return to Cyantine
Endgame26. Defeat Heigou

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