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Note: The item listed in yellow is each characters ultimate weapon.

Tal's Weapons

WeaponAttackCriticalUpgrade SlotsLocation
Argath's Cleaver2015%1 Square, 1 Circle, Poison"Shadowstones" sidequest
Chain Sword2515%1 Circle, 2 SquareKamo's Shop, 6500 Fl.
Faustian Blade3510%3 CircleAklorian Stronghold
Hulkin's Fate1010%2 Square, PoisonNolan's Farm (with Ailish)
Mammoth Fang1015%2 Circle, SlowTree of Woe
Mojo255%2 SquareBrightwater Beach
Preystalker155%2 Square, Poison"Souls for the Ferryman" sidequest
Recruit's Sword1510%2 SquareStart with it
Siren Song1510%2 Square, SlowThe Grotto
Runic Blade4035%3 Circle"Kariston Altar" sidequest

Ailish's Weapons

WeaponAttackCriticalSpeed>Upgrade SlotsSpecial EffectLocation
Batholith6010%Slow2 SquareShots explode and do area damage on impact"Souls for the Ferryman" sidequest
Chilltip Cane305%Medium2 Square, SlowCauses SlowCrystal Reef
Histanica105%Medium1 Square, CurseCauses CurseKamo's Shop, 7500 Fl.
Royal Scepter165%Fast2 SquareRapid-fireStart with it
Wizardwood Staff7015%Slow2 SquareShots pass through enemies and knock them downTransentia Research Lab
Xuric's Shockstaff5010%Slow1 SquareHits "cone" of enemies right in front of youStart with it
Nightshadow4810%Fast2 Circle, 1 SquareRapid-fire"Olivetess Altar" sidequest

Buki's Weapons

WeaponAttackCriticalUpgrade SlotsLocation
Anemomir1015%1 Circle, SlowCrystal Reef
Jakome2030%1 Circle, 1 Square"Souls for the Ferryman" sidequest
Kalamarka1015%2 SquareStart with it
Melakorka2520%2 SquareShadani Temple
Mephiticus1010%2 Square, PoisonKamo's Shop, 2500 Fl.
Pathosis255%2 SquareBrightwater Beach
Shalizeh155%2 Square, Poison"Souls for the Ferryman" sidequest
Veshchenega1510%2 SquareStart with it
Staeysekin4035%3 Circle"Kariston Altar" sidequest

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