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Battle 1: Lutra Islands

Enemy Team: Stan (bandit), 3 soldiers
Guests: Rictor, Orson, Justin, Lara

Winning Condition: Defeat Stan!
Losing Condition: Death of Alphonse

After the introduction we'll be taken back to Alphonse and Rictor. They are discussing their troubles with the boat and the weather when some bandits attack. It seems they where hired to keep the knights from Lodis out of Ovis.
Since this is the very first battle it is, as you could expect, very easy.
Note: You can check all your enemies/allies levels, inventory, stats and other neat stuff using the view list feature from the menu. I recommend you use this at the beginning of every battle.
You will only be able to control Alphonse during this battle. Attack whoever is closest to you and try be the one to give Stan the finishing blow for some good exp.
As for the rest of your team, Rictor will use lightning arrow on Stan when he can and the rest will randomly attack the enemies it seems. (they will also give some basic combat tips, keep them in mind)
After defeating Stan he'll say some last words and you get a Francisca. Congrats on your first battle won!
When the battle is over, we'll see Rictor and Alphonse talking. During their conversation a hidden enemy attacks and Alphonse is thrown into the water...oh-oh.

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