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Battle 2: Port of Scabellum

Enemy Team: Mullin (wizard), 3 Soldiers
Guests: Ivanna, Rictor, Orson

Winning Condition: Defeat Mullin!
Losing Condition: Death of Alphonse

Items dropped:
Mullin - Thunder Flare
Female Soldier - Short Bow
Male Soldiers - Healing Leaf, Stone of Swiftness

After falling into the water Alphonse ends up uncounscious at a beach, a passing by girl named Eleanor finds him and takes him to her home.
Alphonse and Eleanor talk for a while and then a friend of Eleanor, and former Rananculus soldier, Ivanna enters and tells Alphonse some strange people, that might be his friends were seen in the town of Scabellum.
The next day you'll be in the world map screen (where you can save/load your game!). You should also check the pumpkin tips, accessible from the menu, when you have the chance. Click on the red castle, Scabellum, to travel there.
Soon after you arrive you'll be attacked by some Rananculus spies led by a wizard named Mullin. Ivanna, will offer to explain the elements before the battle, say yes if you don't know how they work.
This battle is also easy, just charge the enemies, and don't worry too much about dying, Ivanna (a knight) will heal you if you need. Rictor and Orson arrive during turn 3 and will give you some assistance. You only need to kill Mullin to win, but you might want to kill of the other soldiers for some goodies and more exp.
After defeating Mullin you'll receive a Thunder Flare spell, plus the other items from the grunts you killed.
In the aftermath of the battle, we'll see Alphonse and Rictor talking about what to do next. You'll get 3500 goth for the war fund.

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