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Battle 3: Vespa Hill

Enemy Team: Cressida (archer), 2 bandits, 4 soldiers
Guests: Ivanna

Winning Condition: Defeat Cressida!
Losing Condition: Death of Alphonse

Items dropped:
Cressida - Great Bow
Bandits - Stone of Swiftness, Cup of Life
Female Soldiers - Healing Leaf, Crown of Intellect
Male Soldiers - Healing Leaf, Sword Emblem

Your next course of action will be to move to the Vespa hills. But don't go yet, the next battle won't be as easy as the ones before! You should use the money you got from Rictor to hire another soldier, possibly a hawkman (they can be hired in Scabellum sometimes), use rest of the money to equip him. Also, train your characters up to level 3 to make the next battle less challenging.
Note: See the training section for some training tips!
You can probably advance your main character to a better class, it's a good idea to do so. I went with ninja for now. Advance your other characters if you can as well. A cleric is useful for the next battle, if you don't have one you might have to spend some healing items.
When you're ready head for Vespa.
Cressida will be waiting for you here, seems her parents were killed during the Lodis reformation 15 years ago, and she wants some revenge.
Deploy whatever units you have, you can send a maximum of 8 units into battle, but for now 6 will do. Form your units into a tight group, with the spellcasters/archers in the rear and the fighters in the front. You should have at the very least 2 fighter oriented characters.
Ivanna will also assist you in this fight, she'll be mostly defensive like in the last battle. And will heal you when you need it, also, don't worry about Ivanna dying, she'll escape the battle if she's defeated.
Ivanna will tell you, that you can try and persuade enemy characters if you want (except for the leader), i usually don't bother. Check the misc section for more info on persuasion.
Advance your units into the center (close to each other). The enemy has some archers in their team and they'll take advantage of the higher ground, the other enemy units will attack up close.
Cressida will stay on top of the hill using her bow, but you can still try to rush her with spells and ranged weapons if you want. I advise you to take out all enemy soldiers before killing her though. (to get their items and more exp)
Focus your attacks on one soldier at a time, and try to place your units in a way that won't leave their backs unguarded. Back attacks have a greater hit rate and can't be countered!
Don't forget to heal units that get dangerously low hit points, either with magic or with items. You'll lose a unit permanently if it's dead when the battle ends.
When you finally defeat Cressida you'll get 500 goth and her great bow (plus all the other goodies lying around).
After the battle we'll see a conversation between Alphonse and Ivanna back at the camp. This little scene will shed some light on Ivanna's past and Ovis' history.
You can now have Ivanna permanently join your troops, and I recommend you do so. (you'll be able to control her like any other soldier).

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