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Interlude 1: Vespa Hill

Enemy Team: 3 griffins, 2 gremlins, 2 fairies
Guests: Glycinia

Winning Condition: Defeat All!
Losing Condition: Death of Alphonse

Items dropped:
Griffins - 3 Cup of Life,
Gremlins - Cup of Life, Stone of Swiftness
Fairies - 2 Stone of Swiftness

Your next step is to attack Formido. But there's a little side quest in Vespa you can do before that (you can get a new unit for your army out of it, and besides, it's good training).
If you're not interested just click "next" at the end of the page for the next story battle.
You shouldn't need to train your characters if they are at level 3/4. Just check if any of your units are ready to advance to another class.
Leave and return to Vespa to trigger the event.
As you enter the hills, you'll see a tiny fairy (Glycinia) being attacked by some monsters, I wonder if we should give her a hand...?
Your goal here will be to defeat all enemies, but if you manage to save Glycinia along the way, she'll join your army.
Place your units (you should have 7) as close to the enemies as you can, again with the melee fighters up front and the archers/magicians behind. You'll need to engage the enemies fast, if you're looking to save Glycinia. Luckly, she'll be smart enough to move away from them every turn.
You should start by attacking the closest enemy fairy first. She has low defences, but it's a pain to land a decent attack on her. Your best bet is side, or back attacks.
One of the gremlins will probably be able to take a shot at Glycinia during the first turn, but don't worry, he should be the only enemy attacking her, all other enemies will be focused on your units.
After the fairy, you should gang up on the closest griffin, taking back and side attacks at it. You'll probably end up having to expose one or more of your characters' backs, make it the stronger ones!
The units that can't attack the griffin at hand should attack another enemy, as long as they don't have to leave the main group to do so.
When the first griffin is dead, keep applying the same tactic to kill the enemy closest to your units, not forgetting to heal if necessary.
If the gremlin attacking Glycinia starts getting too many hits on her, heal her or take 1 or 2 units to kill the gremlin.
All in all, you shouldn't have much trouble here. This is a pretty easy battle, I did it without even needing to heal.
You'll get another 200 goth when the battle is over.
Glycinia will tell her story and offer to join the party if you kept her alive. I don't really like fairies but I always take her along. (I'm that nice...besides, there's a little side quest you can do later on if you have her)
Glycinia's a level 4 fairy, and like all fairies she has low defence/strength and high agility. She also gains some interesting fairy talents as she levels up. (kind of useless, but the nice equipment she carries is a plus though)
Note: If you missed this battle, Glycinia will pop-up in other areas of the map and you can still get her. But the walkthrough won't cover that.

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