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Quest Mode

Battle 4: Formido Fortress

Enemy Team: Grimal (knight), 3 soldiers, 2 archers, 1 wizard, 1 cleric

Winning Condition: Defeat Grimal!
Losing Condition: Death of Alphonse

Items dropped:
Grimal - Chain Mail
Soldiers - Cup of Life, Sword Emblem, Healing Leaf
Male Archer - Stone of Swiftness
Female Archer - Crown of Intellect
Wizard - Crag Crush
Cleric - Cleanse

Next stop, Formido fortress. Make sure you have 8 units to deploy and that most of them are level 5. Also, for terrain reasons ninjas (and hawkmen) will be very useful, you should bring some along (don't bother bringing archers).
You should have 2 characters with the heal spell as well.
By the way, in story battles (the ones that are not random encounters) enemies will always be at the level of your highest level character. The enemy leaders will be 2 levels higher than that. So there is no point in training too much, just make sure your units are all around the same levels.
Upon entering the battlefield we'll see 2 enemy knights discussing our arrival. One of them turns out to be Nichart Briffaut, the leader of the white fang troops and the one who send the bandits to attack us at Lutra Islands.
Once again, you will only have to kill the leader to succeed, but I'm I will always try to defeat all the enemies.
Place your units in the usual way, melee up front, ranged in the back.
We'll be trying to rush the rightmost soldier first. If you have ninjas, they will be able to reach him in the first turn.
The enemy archers will take a couple of shots at you, while you're busy with the soldier, but they are weak.
The biggest threat here is Grimal, he'll just throw himself into the middle of your units and starts attacking whoever he wants (which makes it easier to kill him early if that's what you're looking to do).
Unless you're getting a lot of misses, the 1st enemy soldier should be defeated during the 2nd turn.
Take your units and start attacking the enemy soldier closest to you, we'll be trying to make our way to the enemy mages. The cleric will become a nuisance soon enough.
If you can, leave one of your stronger units to keep Grimal busy.
Ignore the enemy archers, and as soon as the 2nd soldier is dead, move in to kill the cleric, and then the wizard.
If you're having trouble with the soldiers, try pushing them off the castle walls using shields. That will slow them down a bit.
When you're done with the enemy mages, kill the remaining soldiers, then the archers, and finally Grimal.
But remember to focus your attacks on one enemy unit at a time (these enemies also use healing leaves).
Winning this battle will land you 1500 goth, a Chain Mail armor and will unlock the Numida Chronologies area from the Quest Mode.
Note: The enemies in that area are level 15, so you might want to wait a while before trying it.
After the battle Alphonse proceeds to explore the fortress, but falls into a trap. Nichart and an unknown girl interrogate him and leave him to die.
When all seems lost a mysterious woman will appear and save Alphonse, in exchange for his services...ugh*

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