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Battle 5: Lake Ardea

Enemy Team: 3 hawkmen, 2 griffins, 2 fairies
Guests: Cybil

Winning Condition: Defeat All!
Losing Condition: Death of Alphonse

Items dropped:
Hawkmen - Sorcerer's Cup, Sword Emblem, Crown of Intellect
Griffins - Cup of Life, Savage Bulge
Fairies - Stone of Swiftness, Healing Leaf

A store opened up in Formido after you liberated it, they have some new stuff. Be sure to upgrade your weapons and magic. If you want to recruit more soldiers now is also a good time (see that they are level 5/6 for the next battle).
Like Cybil said, your next goal is to cross Ardea mountains. On your way there you'll see a little cut-scene from Ostorea Castle. The plot thickens...
This battle isn't very hard, but it can be made easier if you bring ninjas and water units (like octopuses).
Cybil will also lend you a hand as a guest here, she's a sorceress. A class unique to her.
Move to the center of the map, and try to make it so your non-ninja units stay on firm land when they have to face the enemies. Like usual focus your attacks on one or two enemy units at a time, the closest. Leave the fairies for last...they're not dangerous.
Don't worry when the enemies surround you on that piece of land. Most of them will be fighting you from the water, so they will be a lot less effective.
After winning the battle you'll get 100 goth (aside all the dropped goodies), don't spend it all in one place ya crazy kids!
Before leaving Ardea, Alphonse will confront Cybil and ask her where they are going. After a long, and enlightening, conversation Shiven will appear and we'll move to our next destination, Urodela Cape.

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