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Battle 6: Cape Urodela

Enemy Team: Sitri (ninja), 5 ninjas, 1 witch
Guests: Cybil

Winning Condition: Defeat Sitri!
Losing Condition: Death of Alphonse

Items dropped:
Sitri: Matsukase
Male Ninjas: Cup of Life, Altar of Ressurrection, Healing Seed
Female Ninjas: Sword Emblem, Necklace of Resist
Witch: Magic Seed

Before going to Urodela, check if your units are at level 7 (or 6 at least). I've found that a couple of knights are extremely useful for the next battle (due to their high defence), bring a cleric as well.
You'll apparently interrupt something when walking around Urodela. Sitri and his men are after the spear too, and they won't let us interfere.
Place your units like in the picture. Except for a witch, the enemies are all ninjas (light defence, but high dodge). Some of them have bows and all of them have light magic equipped. The witch is annoying at about turn 3, when she starts casting slumber mist. There are no enemy clerics but they will use healing leaves when low on hp.
Move your units to center and try to get some ranged attacks on the closest ninja during the 1st turn. Cybil will also help you during this battle.
Kill the ninjas that engage you first. Ignore the bow-ninjas and the witch for now.
The leader will move to the back at first, but should return to attack you on the 2nd turn. Ignore him unless you want to win fast.
When the melee ninjas are dead, move past Sitri if he's in your way and attack one of the bow-ninjas, or the witch if she happens to be closer.
Sitri will walk around, attacking your units while you're busy with his. His attacks are powerful, but he has such low defences that you (or cybil) might accidentaly kill him before finishing off the others. You'll probably need to heal him if you're looking to kill everyone.
After killing Sitri you'll get 500 goth and a very nice katana, Matsukase.
When the battle is over, Alphonse will meet Rictor and Orson in the city streets. Rictor will try to convince Alphonse to rejoin him, but he refuses. (I wish he didn't...)
Rictor ends up losing his temper, and takes a giant snap at Cybil. He leaves saying he'll show no mercy if you get in his way.
In the next scene Alphonse and Cybil are waiting in a shed. Alphonse isn't too happy about the idea of being enemies with Rictor.
After a long conversation with Cybil a fisherman comes in and tells you he won't take you to the sea. According to him, mermaids are dangerous monsters and shouldn't be taken lightly. (ah! peasants..)
However, before leaving he gives you some advice on how to find the mermaids' sanctuary.
Now it's time for the most important choice of the game!! Cybil wants to follow the fisherman's advice. So, basically it's: choose "A" if you agree with her, and "B" if you don't. The course of the game will change greatly depending on your choice. I prefer the "B" path myself, I always get the feeling that Cybil is just using us.
Spoiler:Choose "A" if you prefer Cybil and Shiven, and "B" if you prefer Rictor and Orson.
After making your choice we'll see a little scene with Alphonse and Ivanna in Urodela, discussing what do do next.

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