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Battle 7B: Sufrir Temple

Enemy Team: 2 thunder dragons, 2 earth dragons, 3 gremlins
Guests: Orson

Winning Condition: Defeat All!
Losing Condition: Death of Alphonse

Items dropped:
Thunder Dragons - Sword Emblem, Cup of Life
Earth Dragons - Mirror of the Gods, Crown of Intellect
Gremlins - 2 Stone of Swiftness, Sorcerer's Cup

If you went with choice B (a good choice!), Alphonse will decide to try and reach Arena island through the Sufrir temple.
Note: A shop opened in Urodela, and there's new equipment available. Upgrade.
On your way to Sufrir Alphonse will stop by Solea to see Eleanor. After telling her what happened Eleanor asks if she'll see you again. You should answer "Of course I'll be back".
Spoiler:You'll receive an item later on based on this, and other questions; to get the best possible item you have to answer this with "A"
When you finally reach Sufrir temple it will be crawling with monsters. But before you engage them Orson will show up and offer to give you hand.
Orson's a level 8 archer, and my personal favorite character in this game. He's old, but still the coolest archer around, if not the best.
By now you should have most of your units at level 8, and with decent classes and equipment. Place them along the usual manner, and get ready to fight. The dragons here are often a handful to the inexperienced. (the gremlins on the other hand are pathetic every day of the week)
Note: If you're looking to use magic, this place is best suited for the earth element.
Advance your soldiers up the stairs without fear (remember to keep the stronger ones up front).
You have to keep cool now, don't rush the enemies yet. Follow Orson's lead and use your ranged attacks on one of the dragons. Their agility isn't very good, so you should be able to get some good hits even from the front. Cover your ranged attackers with your melee units afterwards.
The dragons will rush you in the next turn (suckers!), use your units to surround them. They're fragmeat now...
Heheh, you don't really need to fully surround them if you don't want. From this point, focusing on one dragon at a time also works well.
Keep ignoring the gremlins.
Every 2 or 3 turns the dragons will use their breath attack. Keep a healer close by, cause this attack is much more powerful than the normal one. Hopefully you'll have killed 2 of the dragons before they get a chance to use it.
When the dragons are dead go after the gremlins. They should be on the upper walls having fun with their bows. Take your time.
You'll get 500 goth after winning the battle.
Now you can have Orson join your army permanently! You're going to let him join, right??

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