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Battle 8B: Arena

Enemy Team: Minerva (mermaid), 3 mermaids, 2 octopuses, 2 hawkmen

Winning Condition: Defeat Minerva!
Losing Condition: Death of Alphonse

Items dropped:
Minerva - Water Ring
Mermaids - Crown of Intellect, Stone of Swiftness, Sword Emblem
Octopuses - Cup of Life, Urn of Chaos
Hawkmen - Healing Seed, Ice Shield

When you're ready, head for Arena. Water units are really helpful for the next battle, but don't worry too much if you don't have any, just see that what you do have is at level 8/9.
In Arena we'll find a meramid at last, but she refuses to take us to her leader. Guess we'll have to do it the hard way.
Note that even though your objective will be to defeat Minerva, you don't need to kill her to win, she'll give up when her hp is very low.
Spoiler:The next mission will be a little harder if you kill Minerva.
Unless you have a good range of water fighters (I didn't), your best bet is to defend that piece of land you start on, forcing the enemy water units to attack you there. (remember that the mermaids and octopuses are a LOT stronger in the water)
During the 1st turn you might want to cast the Clear Sky spell if you have it, because the water level will rise in the beginning of the 2nd turn if it keeps raining.
Watch out for Minerva, she'll cast lullaby almost every turn (it affects 5 squares). The spell has a low success rate, but try to have your units turned in her direction (to lower it even more). If a unit does go to sleep, it'll wake up when it is hit, or after a couple of turns.
In between lullabyes, Minerva might attack if she has an opening, it's very easy to defeat her on dry land. But unless she is the only enemy left, don't.
You shouldn't need to go into the water at all. Except for Minerva there are no ranged attackers here, so they will always come to you. In fact, if you have to enter the water it'll probably be when you're trying to defeat Minerva.
Collect 200 goth and a Water Ring when you finally win.
If you left Minerva alive there'll be a little scene with her afterwards.

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