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Battle 9B: Rana Sea

Enemy Team (if you killed Minerva): Aerial, 3 mermaids, 2 naga, 2 hawkmen
Enemy Team (if you didn't kill Minerva): Aerial, 3 mermaids, 2 octopuses, 2 fairies

Winning Condition: Defeat Aerial!
Losing Condition: Death of Alphonse

Items dropped:
Aerial - 2000 goth
Mermaids - Sword Emblem, Sorcerer's Cup, Crown of Intellect
Octopuses - Cup of Life, Healing Seed
Fairies - Cassowary Feather, Stone of Swiftness

This next battle is harder if Minerva is dead. But the strategy to win is pretty much the same.
Again, the terrain is mostly water, so, water units, ninjas and flyers are a plus. My units were at level 10/11 for this fight.
In Rana, Alphonse will be looking around for way for the boat to get through when a mermaid named Aerial interrupts. Alphonse tries to reason with her but these mermaids are just too paranoid. You'll have to fight.
Like in the last battle, you don't need to kill Aerial, she'll give up when near death.
Spoiler:She won't die even if you defeat her.
The team I will use isn't very right for water battles, but it's what I had, and besides, the way I'll be doing it, they shouldn't have to spend much time in the water. (you should still bring your best for water combat!)
Now, you can rush the enemies or you can try to defend that piece of land to the right. It will be hard to defend, all mermaids have lullaby talent now, and will use it. But it is also very hard to rush; without good water units the enemy will crush you while you try to reach the mainland. I think it's best to defend.
By the way, the regular mermaids lullaby should be 1 square only (unless int >= 70 I think).
If you have ranged attackers, by the 2nd turn try to attack the mermaid on the other side of the water. But retreat to the back of island the next turn, unless that mermaid is near death and you think you can finish her. In which case you'll have to delay some units' retreat for the next turn (might want to take the bag she drops before leaving).
The basic strategy to defend here is, charge the first enemy to reach land and fall back after killing it (not forgetting the loot bags).
Ignore Aerial and the fairies until later. Aerial is not very dangerous out of water. And the fairies have ridiculous attacks.
Note: If he isn't needed to heal, your cleric should use cleanse on sleeping units, or attack them, to wake them up.
You can also use magics like ray of paralysis or poison squall to buy time. The enemy will waste a turn using items to heal those conditions.
Careful with the octopuses, their strangling tentacles move deals heavy damage and might confuse to boot. It's more effective if the octopus is in the water though.
Weakened enemies will often run back to the water to heal up. Use ranged attacks to finish them off, or pursue if it seems safe enough (even if it's not very safe, sometimes sacrifices have to be made).
It's possible you lose a unit here if she's caught in the water. If she's important, don't forget to revive her before the battle is over, else she will be gone for good.
When there are only a few enemies left, you can start risking going more into the water.
It'll be a long fight. You gain 200 + 2000 goth when you win.
We'll see Alphonse and Aerial talking after the battle. Aerial still has a major attitude problem dispite having been beaten.
Anyway, we'll finally get permission to speak with the mermaid leader.
Alphonse will be taken in front of Chloeri, the leader of the mermaids, and she will tell him the story of the sacred spear. Enjoy.

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