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Battle 10B: Solea Beach

Enemy Team: Karcist (dragoon), 2 archers, 1 blue dragon, 1 earth dragon, 1 red dragon, 1 thunder dragon
Guests: Eleanor

Winning Condition: Defeat Karcist!
Losing Condition: Death of Eleanor, Death of Alphonse

Items dropped:
Karcist - Fafnir
Archers - Stone of Swiftness, Sherwood Hat
Blue Dragon - Dragon Eyes
Earth Dragon - Altar of Ressurrection
Red Dragon - Cup of Life
Thunder Dragon - Sword Emblem

Now you have to return to Urodela to tell cybil what happened. It's a long travel back, you'll probably have some enemy encounters along the way (the higher your level, the toughest these encounters are).
Note: A shop opened up in Rana, it's the only place to hire mermaids.
When you pass by Arena, Aerial will show up, and ask to join your group. She's great in the water and a bit better than your average mermaid, so you might want to bring her along.
In Urodela Alphonse and Cybil will talk about happened so far. Regarding the mermaid Berevra, Alphonse will remember Eleanor saying she saw a shining gold mermaid long ago. He'll decide to look into it.
Make sure your units are prepared for battle in Solea. Mine were around level 12/13.
Alphonse will find Eleanor at the beach. It seems father Hamen hurt her for some reason, but she will only say it was her fault...
Alphonse asks Eleanor about Berevra, but she thinks he's only trying to use her and runs outside, where there are white fang troops also looking for the mermaid! Eleanor refuses to help them, but they're not the kind to take no for an answer. You're going to have to step in.
Bring a couple of units with high defence, the enemy is strong in melee combat! (I used 4 knights)
You have to protect Eleanor in this battle, if she dies it's all over. She'll take some damage during the 1st turn, but you can draw most of the enemy fire to your units after that. Keep a healer ready for her just in case.
Move your units close to Eleanor, and try to take a couple of ranged shots at the thunder dragon during the 1st turn.
Eleanor has no weapon, and will always run away from the enemy. (one less thing to worry about)
On the 2nd turn swarm the closest unit, should be the thunder dragon. If one of the archers got too close to your units you might want try and take him out first. They are the ones who'll be attacking Eleanor more often.
During the third turn, the enemy dragons will start using their deadly breath attacks. You should have, at least, killed the thunder dragon by then.
After the thunder dragon is dead, pick another dragon and rush it. If one of the archers gets bold enough to go after Eleanor, send 1 or 2 units to go after him, if you can. If you can't just focus on the dragon and heal Eleanor later.
When the 2nd dragon is dead, use the same tactic for the other dragons, until they are all dead. Then finish Karcist (physically he's very strong, but spells work great on him).
Note: Regardless of whether or not you decide to kill all enemies, you should at least kill the archer with the Sherwood Hat. It might be your only chance of getting it.
You'll get 1000 goth and the sword, Fafnir, after Karcist is defeated.
Back at the church, Eleanor will finally be reasonable and will tell what she knows about Berevra. She'll want to come along now and you won't be able to turn her down.
How you welcome her into the group has an impact though, I strongly suggest you be nice to her, and answer "Ok, let's go together".
Spoiler:This question is related with the one you answered before the battle at sufrir temple. Answer "A" if you want to get the best item later!

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