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Read the Basics section before using the walkthrough.

Chapter 1
Battle 1: Lutra Islands
Battle 2: Port of Scabellum
Battle 3: Vespa Hill
Interlude 1: Vespa Hill
Battle 4: Formido Fortress
Battle 5: Lake Ardea
Battle 6: Cape Urodela
Path A Path B
Battle 7A: Battle 7B: Sufrir Temple
Battle 8A: Battle 8B: Arena
Battle 9A: Battle 9B: Rana Sea
Battle 10A: Battle 10B: Solea Beach
Battle 11A: Battle 11B: Mt. Aquila
Chapter 2
Beginning of Chapter 2A Beginning of Chapter 2B
Interlude 2: Gryllus
Interlude 3: Blete
Battle 12B: Vespa Hills
Battle 12A: Interlude 4: Belleza

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