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Beginning of Chapter 2

Chapter 2 will begin with a narration of recent happenings. It seems the White Fang troops have withdrawn from Anser and the Order of the Sacred Flame is preparing to return to Felis. Meanwhile, Alphonse joined Cybil at Formido and is researching the sacred spear.
We'll be taken to a conference room at Formido, where Alphonse and company are discussing their current situation.
If you have Ivanna she'll mention that 400 years ago a member of her family had a relationship with a mermaid (possibly Berevra). So that's probably how the Baatral's knew about the sacred spear.
The soldier present will also share some interesting information: There are rumors of survivors hiding in Blete, and there is an unusual spellcaster living nearby that might join us.
Alphonse will decide to follow Rictor through the Naja Forest regardless.
Before departing, there's a little scene with Eleanor and Alphonse. Now is your chance to either recruit, or dump Eleanor.
She's one of the most important characters, so you should probably choose 'A' to take her along (or you can answer 'B' and then 'A', she'll join either way). If you're feeling mean, choose 'B' twice and she'll be gone for good ;_;
If you let Eleanor join up the first thing to do is change her class and upgrade her equipment. You can build her up as any class you want, but since she'll receive a special ability when her INT reaches 170 (without equipment), a magic oriented class is a probably the best way to go.
Some new locations opened up on the world map: Gryllus (you need to go here to unlock Blete) and Belleza (where the strange spellcaster lives).
Gryllus/Blete and Belleza are side-quest missions you can do on this chapter. The next quest battle is in Vespa Hills, where the red scepter is. It's up to you where to go now.
Since I like to get the side-quests out of the way first, I'll be heading to Gryllus next.

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