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Interlude 2: Gryllus Forest

Enemy Team: 2 ghosts, 4 undead soldiers, 2 undead wizards

Winning Condition: Defeat All!
Losing Condition: Death of Alphonse

Items dropped:

In the next battle you will have your first encounter with the undead. This battle can be easy or hard, if you bring 1 or 2 clerics with either exorcism or faith spell (or both) it's easy, if you don't, then it's very hard because the undead will constantly revive after being defeated unless they're hit by on of these spells.
I strongly recommend you bring at least 1 cleric with the faith spell.
When laying out your units notice that a good portion of the map is water. A couple of water guys could prove useful here.
My tactic here is a bit different than usual, instead of concentrating on one undead at a time, weaken various enemies until your cleric can cast the faith spell.
Note: You cannot persuade the undead soldiers or wizards.
Start by taking your stronger characters across the river to meet the enemy.
These undead have very weak equipment and spells so they will never do much damage. The wizards and ghosts are probably the most annoying, concentrate on them first.
By the third turn your cleric will be able to cast faith (if you have it of course). Time to knock out as many of those weakened enemies as you can and cast the spell at the end of the turn, it will destroy all the unconscious undead!
If you have a cleric with exorcism he should have enough MP to cast it in the 4th turn. This spell also banishes the undead, but they don't have to be unconscious! Bad thing is that this spell has to be targeted and it also has a hit ratio (like attacks and other spells, the hit ratio can be increased if you use the spell on the back or side of the enemy).
If the battle's still going on, during the enemies' fifth turn 2 random undead will appear (and 2 more on every enemy turn after that, until their nineth turn). Since most of the initial troops should be gone by now, these new enemies shouldn't cause much trouble.
Keep using faith/exorcism on the enemies until they are all erradicated.
If you're not using any of these spells then expect a long hard battle that will only end when you manage to get all the undead unconscious at the same time.
In the end you'll get 100 goth regardless.

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