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Quest Mode

Battle 11B: Mt. Aquila

Enemy Team: 1 cerebrus, 2 gremlins, 2 hawkmen, 2 red dragons
Guests: Eleanor

Winning Condition: Defeat All!
Losing Condition: Death of Alphonse

Items dropped:
Cerebrus - Cup of Life
Gremlins - Stone of Swiftness, Crown of Intellect
Hawkmen - Healing Seed, Sorcerer's Cup
Red Dragons - Mirror of the Gods, Sword Emblem

The search for Berevra leads you to Aquila. Make sure you bring someone with Fafnir equipped.
Note: New equipment available at stores, don't forget to upgrade your stuff!
Note: Since your units should be getting close to level 15, you might want to start doing some quest-mode battles. It's a good way to win some goth and better equipment!
On their way to meet the mermaid monsters attack Alphonse and company. This battleground is the complete opposite of the last few battles. So, avoid using water units here, they'll be quite useless.
Regarding magic, the earth and fire elements are strong here, and wind and water elements are weak.
Eleanor joins has a guest, she's not much use though. That weapon is pretty patetic for this stage... Anyway you don't have to worry about keeping track of her anymore, she won't die even if defeated (she'll run away).
Separate your units into 2 groups, one attacks from the bottom, the other from the top. Most enemies should go after the bottom group.
If the gremlins move close enough to your groups you might be able to kill both of them during the 2nd turn. If they survive your attack, and run away, don't bother going after, leave them for later.
On the 3rd turn most enemies should be rounded in the middle of the map, choose 1 or 2 and charge them. It would be good to take out one enemy now.
Note: One hawkmen as a semi-rare item, a thunder shield, he won't drop it. You have to convert him to get the item.
Now it's the usual tactic, gang the most convenient enemy until he's dead. And repeat the process for the others.
Collect 200 goth when the battle is over. You'll also get the Epic of Tinea book, which opens another area in the Quest Mode.
It'll cost you 3000 goth to explore this area, and the enemies are level 20, so you should probably wait a while before trying it.
While Alphonse and Eleanor are searching for the mermaid, Rictor and father Hamen show up. Father Hamen wants Eleanor to return home and brought Rictor to help him. What he doesn't understand is that Rictor is interested in her to get the sacred spear as well. After Hamen leaves the scene Rictor will tell us some more about the spear (seems Cybil was still hiding things).
When Eleanor refuses to go back, Rictor tries to take her by force. Surrounded, Eleanor and Alphonse jump into the water.
They'll wake up in Berevra's cave(?) where they learn the real truth about Eleanor's past.
After Berevra's story, she asks why you are looking for the spear. I recommend you answer, "I seek it's power". Then she'll tell you where the spear hid.
Well, this is the end of the first chapter of the game. Enjoy the next scenes!
Spoiler:The question here is related to the one Eleanor made after defeating Karcist, and to the one on the beach some time before that. Answer "A" if you want to get the best item later!

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