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Heart Containers

There are sixteen heart containers scattered in Elven Hollow. When collected Merlin's health will increase. When Young Merlin first came out there was a contest to see who could get them all first. Proof of this was a congratulatory screen at the end of the game.

  1. Southeast corner of the Oinkmer Field.
  2. South of the Mine entrance.
  3. Northeast corner of the Hedge Maze, walk through the wall.
  4. Inside the mine near the middle, past a false wall.
  5. Inside the mine sout of the vertical brock trakc, past a false wall, and balloon up a ladder.
  6. On mine cart track, by the horizontal jump.
  7. Northereast corner of the subterrainean lake.
  8. In the middle of the western edge of the subterrainean lake.
  9. At the begining of the Dwarven Palace, use the Balloon by the furthest platform.
  10. South east corner under the Rainbow World with the first ahnt nest.
  11. West side of the field with all the Shroom Goons.
  12. In the easten edge of the field where Cinder is.
  13. On the the track of the final mine cart.