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Weapons are the primary magical objects Merlin uses to defeat the minions of the Shadow King. Press B to use the current one and A to toggle to others. They work best when used in combination with items.

Name Artwork Image Source Description
Shooting Star Golden Star Golden Star Indigo Gem The first of Merlin's weapons, it will destroy weaker enemies. A combination of the Shoorting Star and other items can be used to weaken more powerful enemies which survive a single blast.
Match Match Stick Match Stick Violet Gem The Match will roast the closest enemy but takes some time to recharge after each use.
Silver Star Silver Star Silver Star Tulip & Wooden Heart A more poweful version of the Shooting Star, its power can also be put to use in a combinaiton attack.
Snow Flake Snowflake Snowflake Daisy & Wooden Heart The Snow Flake will disable or immobilize from one ot five enemies. It will take time to recharge after wach use.
Lightning Bolt Lighting Bolt Lighting Bolt Dafodil & Wooden Heart Merlin's most powerful weapon, the ightning bolt will strike from one to five enemies.
Golden Locket NA Golden Locket Melody This is the only weakness of the Shadow King. It is very powerful but difficult to fully control.