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Alma's Trials

Canaan Island and Port Rimorge
Exiting the Mythos Path, you come across Lloyd and Xaxon, employees of Baslam, the Merchant. They're shocked by your sudden emergence, but not so shocked that they won't talk to you. They suggest you head to Port Rimorge and speak to their boss, Baslam.
South from the cave exit is the Canaan side of the broken bridge you saw on Quatera island. Head north (past a save point) and reach Port Rimorge. Fortunately, there are no pesky enemies along your path.
Honestly, there's not a whole lot to see in town, but I'll point out the important stuff. The first building you'll probably see is the bar. There's not too much happening here, but there is August, who was the uncanny ability to read stone tabulas that you find throughout the game. Keep that in mind.
The bartender mentions that there's a professor in town who might be able to help you find the mirror that was stolen from the Rehda people. That's just about the only information that you can obtain from the bar for the moment. Kinda anti-climactic, eh?
Next door to the bar is Baslam's home. Lloyd is here, as well as a maid. In the main office area, you'll meet Baslam himself. He mentions that he's looking for Zemeth Island, and wants you to find it for him. He offers a reward for any information that you bring back.
Cloa runs a tool stand in the middle of town. There's quite a few things for sale, some of which (particularly the Wild Fowl Meat and Blue Potion), you wont be needing to purchase for some time. Keep prices in mind, though, in case you ever need anything. There's rarely ever any need to shop here, though, as monsters drop most of the tools you'll need.
Rose is Cloa's sister, and runs the shop behind Cloa's stand. The items here are certainly more valuable to you, but you can get around buying many of these as well (more on that below). The Silver Armlet is certainly the most valuable item here, and it's also the most expensive. Time to save up 20,000 Gold!
Leav runs the blacksmith shop. I guess it's a blacksmith shop, anyway, since it's where you go to get your equipment upgraded. Equipment upgrades cost Emel, those little blue gems you've been getting from enemies. Not too many enemies to this point have dropped Emel, but all enemies from this point forward drop it pretty frequently. That's good, cause upgrading weapons gets very expensive.
Emilio runs a Pikkard farm in the middle of town. You don't know this yet, but by the end of the game, you'll probably hate Emilio and all his stupid Pikkards.
Well, isn't that ironic. In the southeast wooden hut is the professor that the bartender mentioned to you earlier. Ys veterans will recognize him as Professor Raba, the old man you found in Dahm Tower, way back in Ys I. He's also somehow ended up on these islands, that are enclosed in a storm barrier. I guess he was just nostalgic. You can ask him some questions, and he can explain a lot about the area.
Yeah, you gave me all those great tasting Worther's Originals
Before you leave, Raba gives you the Map of Canaan. Don't worry about reading it, though, because it's the most useless map you'll ever see. There's so few areas to explore in this game that a map is really unnecessary anyway.
If you head back to the bridge leading to Quatera, you'll see that Xaxon can see some Rehda on the other side of the bridge, but he is suspicious of them, and doesn't know what they're planning. I guess we could go ask.
Now would be a good time to point out that, if you're playing a replay game, the Spirit Monuments outside of Rehda Village and Port Rimorge have both turned red. That's because you can now use them as warp points between the two villages. Nice!
On the other side of the broken bridge, Quval is attempting to repair things, but understands that everything would go faster if the Rehda cooperated with the Eresians. He asks you to bring a letter to Baslam announcing their intentions.
Oh boy, I'll try not to spend it all in one place... -_-
Upon delivery of the letter, Baslam is so excited that he gives you a gift. Yay.
Return to the Quatera side of the bridge, and Quval gives you a far more fitting reward.
Oh boy, I'll try not to... I mean, awesome!

Take a dangerous side-trip for some better armor or continue on to Grana-Vallis mountain

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